Young K Of DAY 6 Won The Contest Against 49 US And KATUSA Soldiers

As reported by Star and Stripes on May 19, DAY6’s Young K, alias Kang Young-Hyun, a KATUSA (Korean Augmentation to the US Army), earned the Eighth Army’s Best Warrior Competition prize. The tournament lasted six days and included many aspects that challenged a soldier’s mental and physical limitations, such as small weapons qualifications, terrain navigation, and obstacle courses.

Young K triumphed against 49 US and KATUSA troops competing for the title of Best Warrior. The Best Warrior and Squad Competition for the 2022 Eighth Army Competition were conducted from May 8 to May 13. The results were just published, and the You Were Beautiful singer was chosen as Best Warrior.

Young K of DAY6 talks about earning Best Warrior as a KATUSA soldier.

Young K, a member of JYP Entertainment’s band DAY6, made news when he announced his intention to join the KATUSA. The singer became the first K-pop star to serve in the highly coveted KATUSA, a component of the Republic of Korea army that deploys South Korean troops to US army locations. The Zombie vocalist, who also works as a bassist, rapper, and composer and has over 149 song credits on KOMCA, has won Army’s Best Warrior 2022 after participating in arduous tests against 49 US and KATUSA troops.

Young K

Some of the activities that the troops were assessed on included an eight-mile march, survival abilities, and knot-tying evaluations. Speaking to Stars and Stripes, an American military news site, about the tournament, the K-pop star said that a non-commissioned officer pushed him to partake in the events back in April. He made the decision to participate the same night he talked with the officer. The K-pop singer also discussed his military aspirations, stating that one of his goals while completing his mandatory service was to get healthy.

“That night, I made a choice. Since my sole aim in the Army was to have a healthier physique, to create a better one, because I didn’t take care of [it] previously.”

Despite his victory, the K-pop star spoke about the difficulties he endured and his inadequacies.

“There were some glitches.” There were moments when I was on the verge of collapsing, but being able to overcome my limitations… gave me greater confidence in myself — believing in myself — and believing that I, too, can achieve other things.”

Young K

The DAY6 member also mentioned the honour of serving as a KATUSA soldier. For a variety of reasons, the KATUSA branch is widely wanted. According to a November 2021 story in The Korea Herald, life is a little simpler for KATUSA troops. They may leave their postings on weekdays; unlike previous conscriptions, troops normally reside in couples or alone, leaving no potential for hazing and abuse (a rampant part of military service). Getting into a KATUSA branch is also difficult. Draftees must pass one of many English language examinations. Following the testing, KATUSA selects a number of troops using a lottery mechanism.

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