“You Don’t Have This Emoji”, How To Get Emoji With Triangle

The comment “You don’t have this emoji” is a self-explanatory and pointless big trend. It has a happy face with a triangle emoji, which is considered a rare emoji. This is due to the emoji not appearing on the emoji keyboard. To make that emoji, combine the smiling emoji with the triangle symbol. When these two emojis are combined, the emoji will look like this “😅⃤”.

The comment is simply a copy-paste of one that has been posted on every TikTok video. It conveys a phrase along the lines of “You don’t have this, but I do!”. The irony is that anyone can copy and paste the comment. In other words, everyone is now aware of the emoji and can save it.

You Don't Have This Emoji
You Don’t Have This Emoji trend

How To Get The Triangle Emoji

The ‘You Don’t Have This Emoji’ trend has taken over TikTok, with people commenting on all videos about it, but how does one get the triangle emoji?

To use this now-popular Triangle emoji, all you have to do is

  • Look for a comment that contains the emoji.
  • Hold down the comment button.
  • Select ‘Copy.’
  • Go to the video you want to comment on, then tap the ‘Add a comment’ bar twice.
  • Select ‘Paste.’
  • Edit the comment to include whatever message you want, then click the pink send button.

Who started “You Don’t Have This Emoji” Trend

The “You don’t have this emoji” trend is a ripoff. It’s unclear who started posting the TikTok comment, but it has recently snowballed into a trend. Many Twitter users have expressed their displeasure with the recent TikTok comments. Comments like “You don’t have this emoji” have been around since TikTok’s inception. A copy-paste comment is a block of text that has been copied and pasted several times.


“You don’t have this emoji” trend has no real meaning and has become viral stuff in 2022 after several voters chose to jump on the bandwagon of commenting on the same thing under all the videos.

It follows the same pattern as the comments “storytime” and “crop.”
It’s unclear who made it popular, but several people have pushed it by commenting the same thing on every post.

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