“Written in the Stars” Season 1 Is Set To Be Released On Discovery+ Soon

Written in the Stars, a new dating program on Discovery+ will premiere shortly, with individuals matched based on their birth chart. The first season of the program will premiere on Sunday, November 27, 2022, at 3 a.m. ET. Written in the Stars has the following synopsis:

“Written in the Stars is a hot new reality/dating series that puts the love lives of participants in the hands of the world’s greatest astrologers.”

Twelve single strangers will each represent one of the 12 zodiac signs in this sociological experiment. These strangers will go to Greece to find love with the assistance of astrological specialists.

Season 1 of Written in the Stars follows 12 strangers as they seek love.

On Written in the Stars, 12 single strangers looking for love will come to a villa in Porto Heli, Greece, only to discover that they’ve been paired with someone based on their birth chart. The program will broadcast ten “emotionally charged” episodes. Written in the Stars is characterized by VICE as “Love Island meets Married At First Sight, but with horoscopes.” Clara Amfo, a BBC Radio 1 DJ and broadcaster, will host the inaugural season of the program. Clara told POPSUGAR about presenting the upcoming show:

“I remember thinking to myself, this is the dating show for me.” I believe in astrology; it’s become so ingrained in our society. I once heard that Jennifer Lopez had a dancing audition and expressly stated that no Virgos were accepted. But I don’t believe I’d go that far!”

Written in the Stars

Clara also feels that Written In The Stars is the ideal solution to contemporary dating, in which “we’ve become a commodity.” She also feels that since individuals have lost their “patience” to create deep connections, the program might offer them fresh hope of finding love. Amfo even feels that the program is airing at the ideal moment since “we’re at a place in society where [astrology] is more acceptable” than it was six or seven years ago.

Michele Knight, Francesca Oddie, and Colin Bedell, three astrologers who specialize in birth charts and astrology, will couple the singles using just their star charts. For Michele Knight, astrology is no laughing matter, and the show’s concept is no gimmick. She said to Vice:

“I grew up in a wonderful family since my mother was a clairvoyant,” she explains. “It revolutionized my life, it changed my life, it saved my life.” I had a really horrible upbringing, and I am very certain that astrology led me. My birth chart was the absence of my parents – it truly is that profound.”

Written in the Stars

The contestants will participate in several tasks to determine their compatibility. Once partnered, the six couples will live together for the duration of a lunar cycle (around 29.5 days). There will be no eliminations from the program. The program will likewise have no winners or losers. However, competitors may leave the program if they do not connect with their partners or are replaced.

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