Wo Is Brandon Houston? Meet Marques Houston Brother: Wiki & Parents

Brandon Houston, Marques Houston’s brother, drew the attention of his brother’s supporters when the singer discussed his comeback to the musical world in a recent interview. Marques Houston, born Marques Barrett Houston, is an American R&B singer, composer, and dancer. Barrett has made a reputation for himself outside of the music industry as a professional model and actor with several completed projects in his portfolio.

From 1990 until 2002, the musician was a member of the R&B group Immature/IMx before going solo in 2003. Houston’s role as Roger Evans in the television series Sister, Sister demonstrated his acting talent, garnering positive feedback from audiences. Because he had huge hopes of being famous as a youngster, the composer formed the band Immature with his childhood buddies Don “Half Pint” Santos and Jerome “Romeo” Jones. These young people felt compelled to visit Hollywood. The band was not the kind to give up on their ambitions.

Brother Marques Houston

As previously stated, Marques Houston’s younger brother is Brandon Houston. Brandon Houston was born in California, USA to his father Michael Houston and mother Carolyn Houston. Marques Houston has two sisters, Brandye and Danielle Houston, in addition to his brother. Marques Houston, on the other hand, has a relative called B2k’s J-Boog. Brandon was reared in Los Angeles with his brother and sister. The dancer graduated from Montebello High School.

Brandon Houston

As of now, no information regarding Marques Houston’s sibling, such as his occupation or age, has been released in any public media. Carolyn Houston, who died in 1997 after a lengthy struggle with Lymphoma, was mourned by the whole Houston family. People often mistook Marques Houston’s brother for Omarion. The claims regarding Houston and Omarion being siblings, on the other hand, are incorrect.

Omarion and Marques Houston were commonly mistakenly identified as half-brothers. This is due to Chris Stokes’ management of both IMx and Omarion’s musical group B2K. Houston is also the cousin of J-Boog from B2K, which fuels the suspicions even more. Despite well publicized assertions to the contrary, the two singers are not related. No reliable website has claimed that they are linked by blood in any manner.

Mom, Carolyn, and Dad Marques Houston

On August 4, 1981, Marques Houston was born to his mother, Carolyn, and father, Michael Houston. Marques Houston was reared in Los Angeles, California, with his sisters and younger brother by his parents. Carolyn and Michael were extremely proud of their son’s singing and dancing abilities. They aided the artist’s development and stood with Houston at difficult moments.

Carolyn, however, succumbed to Lymphoma in 1997, after the death of the actor’s mother. The loss of Marques’ mother was a blow to the Houston family. Following his defeat, the composer rose to prominence in a variety of industries, including acting and modeling. The model also drew notice when he posted a photo of himself and his father, Michael, guiding him down the aisle for his wedding to the exquisite Miya Dickey. Houston said in his caption that he thought his father guiding him down the aisle was uncommon and unorthodox, but those that knew him well understood that he relished sticking out from the throng.

Brandon Houston

The dancer thanked his father, Michael, for raising, supporting, and standing with him through all of his successes and disappointments. The sweet remark and photo of Michael strolling behind his child in a white tux while wearing a gorgeous gray beard stunned Houston’s fans to their core. The artist, who will never forget his mother, tweeted a flashback picture of her in late 2019 to commemorate his first prom when he was in preschool.

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