Will Ha- Ri Reject Tae- Confession Moo’s In Business Proposal Episode 7?

The seventh episode of Business Proposal centers on Tae-(Ahn moo’s Hyo-seop) confession to Ha-ri (Kim Se-jeong). He unexpectedly reveals his romantic interest in her.

Ha-ri is perplexed about his intentions towards her because this occurs shortly after he ‘acts’ as her lover. This perplexity lasts almost all the way to the end of the episode.

Aside from the confession, Ha-response RI’s is the fascinating element of this episode. In Business Proposal, the chemistry between actors Ahn Hyo-seop and Kim Se-jeong — a combination of comedy and passion — adds value to the episode and makes it emotional enough to attract viewers.

In Business Proposal, when does Tae-moo confess to Ha-ri?

Ha-deception ri’s of dating a wealthy guy got her into difficulty when she was obliged to introduce him to her pals.

Tae-moo saves the day and impresses Ha-buddies RI’s in this episode of Business Proposal. He takes use of his income, prestige, and knowledge to ensure that her friends see him favorably. He can’t help but be envious of Ha-friendship ri’s with Min-woo, especially because he is well aware of her one-sided affection for him.

Ha-ri becomes ill abruptly on this trip in Business Proposal, frightening Tae-moo. She had thought the latter was merely putting on a show for her companions up until that point. His genuine care for her well-being, on the other hand, lets Ha-ri view Tae-moo from a new perspective.

She feels guilty and apologizes for squandering his time so many times. Inadvertently, this enrages Tae-moo, who confesses to Ha-ri in a rage. He wonders whether she is consciously ignoring his interest in her and asks why she can’t see it.

Despite His Uneasiness In The Business Proposal, Ha-Ri Accepts Tae-moo

Ha-ri is taken aback by Tae-revelation moo’s and first decides to ignore him. She is unable to reply to his revelation, and the wisest course of action is for her to avoid colliding with him. What’s strange is that Ha-ri is upset when Tae-moo chooses to keep his distance. She isn’t sure if his confession is true.

Strange things remind her of her employer throughout her week away from Tae-moo. Her thumping pulse reminds her that her interest in Tae-moo is not platonic every time she thinks about her employer. Ha-ri, on the other hand, attempts to persuade herself that a relationship with him is doomed. She is well aware of the social class divide between her and her employer. His upbringing is more like to his upper-class upbringing than hers is her middle-class one.

She’s also concerned that if her boss dates a modest girl like herself, her coworkers would be disappointed. As a result, she rejects Tae-confession. moo’s

Tae-moo approaches her after a week of waiting, and she first urges him to go on blind dates that his grandpa has set up for him. When Tae-moo corners her, she attempts to act uninterested but fails. He challenges her to provide a good justification for her rejection. Ha-ri can no longer disguise her attraction to him. As a result, she erupts in rage and begs Tae-moo not to get her hopes up. She warns him not to pursue her because she could start to think a relationship with him is feasible.

Tae-moo is adamant that their relationship would not be harmed by monetary differences. This, along with her genuine passion for Ha-ri, makes her weak in the knees, soft enough for her to land a kiss. This is the climax of a build-up that began in the previous two episodes. It’s as much for the characters as it is for the fans who have been shipping Tae-moo and Ha-ri.

What will be interesting to observe in the following episodes of Business Proposal is how the two deal with dating in the workplace and Tae-grandfather, moo’s, among other things.

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