Wi Ha-Joon Successfully Nailed His First Magazine Cover Since His Debut

Fans are in awe of Korean hunk Wi Ha-shirtless Joon’s image on the cover of Men’s Health Korea’s October edition. The 30-year-old actor’s sculpted abs were on full show as he dressed for the famous photoshoot in a pant and a men’s blazer with nothing beneath. He had a bright grin on his face the whole time.

Wi Ha-Joon Gets His First Magazine Cover

According to the newspaper, this was his first time showing off his swoon-worthy figure since his debut. Since his big smash in the highly anticipated Netflix series Squid Game, the actor has gained a new fan base. In an Instagram post, the actor said that this edition of Men’s Health Korea was the first time he had ever graced a magazine cover. It also demonstrated how well-deserved this feature was. Ha-Joon is the main character in the Squid Game, which has rapidly taken over the planet. The program is the first name in the US Netflix drama category and was placed second in the worldwide Netflix drama rankings.

Wi Ha-Joon

A Shirtless Snap Carousel

The good news for swooning admirers is that the cover photo of the Korean hottie in a shirtless posture was not the only one he posed for the latest edition. He had a full picture session with a variety of styles, all of which showcased his jaw-dropping body. Don’t worry if you don’t have a subscription to the Korean edition of the magazine. Ha-Joon was also gracious enough to provide a slide presentation of intriguing photographs from the session on his Instagram. The photos ranged from raising his t-shirt to show off his finely sculpted abs to posing in a sleeveless top to show off his powerful, muscular biceps.

Fans Go Crazy over Shirtless Photos

Of course, with such a carousel of images, fans couldn’t but respond! As soon as the photographs were posted on his Instagram, admirers swarmed the comments section to express their gratitude.

Wi Ha-Joon

“Wow, there’s nothing this guy can’t do,” one admirer said. “We were not prepared for this, sir,” said another. “I lick my phone because of this!” said another.

Needless to say, the comments section was flooded with love emoticons and lighted emojis. In all honesty, fans have been swooning over the Korean hunk’s beauty and acting abilities even before the Men’s Health Korea photoshoot.

Wi Ha-Joon’s Body Secret

Aside from being on the cover of a magazine, the actor was also featured in an interview where he disclosed the secret to his amazing figure. He added that the physique was the result of all of his training since his military days. He continued,

“I’ve been doing weight training since I was in the service. I used to go to the gym 5 days a week to exercise, but now I mostly perform home exercises at home because to COVID-19.”

He was also gracious enough to share three of his favorite fitness routines with followers that look up to him so they might follow in his footsteps. In Squid Game, Ha-Joon portrayed Hwang Jun-ho, a murder investigator. He joins the squid game group in quest of his lost sibling and discovers the gang’s secrets.

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