Why did Yaya DaCosta divorce her ex-husband?

The marriage and divorce of Yaya DaCosta and Joshua Bee Alafia have been well-publicized. The actress, on the other hand, has perplexed everyone with her statements about never marrying. Is it true that DaCosta was ever married? If that’s the case, what caused her to break up?

Details of Yaya DaCosta and Ex-Husband Joshua Bee Alafia’s Relationship

Despite the lack of details, Yaya DaCosta and Joshua Bee Alafia’s relationship may have started before 2012. Then came their reported wedding, which arrived without any news or rumors about their engagement.

The former couple married in June 2012, according to ESSENCE. Their wedding is set for June 23, 2012, according to her IMDb.

According to Us Magazine, they married in an outdoor ceremony in Pennsylvania.
She fell pregnant after that and gave birth to her first child, boy Sankara, on September 22, 2013.

Their relationship began to deteriorate after that. Soon later, the couple split up and have been living different lives ever since. They make an effort to co-parent Sankara, though.

Yaya DaCosta Said She Was Never Officially Married

On November 12, 2015, Page Six was the first to report on their divorce. They stated in their report that the Chicago Med actress had filed for divorce from her then-husband, Alafia and that things could get “ugly.”
They further claimed that she filed the lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court and that her divorce filing was sealed, making it difficult to determine the cause of the divorce.

DaCosta, on the other hand, released her version of events in 2016. She stated that she was never married during an interview with Complex in May 2016.

“You get to read that you were divorced a second time when you have never married the first time!” the actress from In Moment exclaimed at the time.

She recognized the influence anonymous people on the internet had over her because of these bogus things on the internet. After the fake news broke, she even tried calling Wikipedia to amend the content on her page.

DaCosta debunked her divorce rumors once more in September 2016. She denied ever being married to Alafia in response to a question regarding her divorce from Madame Noire.

Because she never discussed anything about her personal life online, it was impossible for her to refute rumors. She tried unsuccessfully to ignore the rumors. They just wouldn’t leave.

“I never got divorced because, first and foremost, I was never married,” she told the publication.

Yaya DaCosta Maintained Son’s Relationship with Joshua Bee Alafia

Having a child was an “enlightening experience,” she said, even though she and Alafia split up soon after Sankara was born.

DaCosta continued to try to keep the father-son bond alive after her divorce. And her son gets along swimmingly with Alafia.

Despite the fact that DaCosta isn’t very active on social media, Alafia is quite active. He has a lot of Instagram posts, and many of them are with Sankara. The father-son combo routinely travels to new places and spends a lot of time outdoors enjoying nature.

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