Who Was Robert Alun Evans, and What Was His Importance in Welsh Broadcasting?

Robert Alun Evans, often known as R Alun, was recently in the news after passing away at the age of 86. He was a Welsh radio pioneer, famed for providing the first Welsh language commentary of a Wales football international in 1977. His reputation as a broadcaster and analyst is immense.

Quick Facts

Full Name Robert Alun Evans
Known As R Alun
Birth Year 1936
Profession Broadcaster and Commentator
Major Achievement First Welsh language commentary of a Wales football international
Affiliation BBC Cymru, Heddiw news
Death Aged 86, in 2023

Early Life and Background

Robert Alun Evans is from Llanbrynmair and was the son of the Reverend Robert Evans. He pursued his education in Nyffryn Dyfi and subsequently graduated in Welsh from Bangor University.

Professional Accomplishments

Robert Alun Evans began his ministry at Seion Llandysul after finishing his education. His love of broadcasting, however, prompted him to join BBC Cymru’s Religion Department in 1964. During the 1960s and 1970s, he was a familiar face and voice on BBC Wales’ Heddiw news and current affairs program.

Commentary on a Welsh Landmark

Robert Alun Evans career reached its apex when he provided the first-ever Welsh language commentary for a Wales football international match. This accomplishment not only established a precedent but also highlighted the richness of the Welsh language in mainstream media.

Relationship with the Community

His presence extended beyond radio. Robert Alun Evans was active on social media platforms such as Facebook, where he engaged with many people, emphasizing his friendly personality and desire to stay connected with his community.

Leaving a Legacy

His passing signals the end of an era in Welsh radio. R Alun’s considerable achievements, particularly throughout the 1960s and 1970s, have solidified his status as an industry pioneer. His commitment to promoting the Welsh language in sports commentary was genuinely groundbreaking.


Q: When did Robert Alun Evans die?
A: He died in 2023 at the age of 86.

Q: What was R Alun’s most significant contribution to Welsh broadcasting?
A: He is remembered for providing the first Welsh-language commentary for a Wales football match in 1977.

Q: Where did he go to college?
A: Robert Alun Evans earned a Welsh degree from Bangor University.

Q: Did he have any other jobs before joining the television industry?
A: He was a minister at Seion Llandysul at first.

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