Who Was Mark Sheehan? As The Script Guitarist Passed Away At The Age Of 46

Mark Sheehan, a guitarist, died recently at the age of 46. He was best known as the co-founder of the Irish rock band The Script, which shared a photo of him on their official Instagram page to mark his untimely death. The caption was as follows:

“Mark Sheehan, much loved husband, father, brother, bandmate, and friend, died today in hospital after a brief illness.” In this difficult moment, the family and group ask that fans respect their privacy.”

Mary Lambert, a singer, also paid homage to Sheehan on Facebook, posting a photo of herself with Sheehan and two other band members. She said that the band requested her to open for them in 2015. She went on to say:

“Mark was breathtakingly beautiful, kind-hearted, and a literal beacon of light.” My heartfelt condolences to everyone who loved and cared for him. Mark, you will be missed.”

Sony Music Australia’s official Facebook page also expressed their sadness at Sheehan’s passing, describing him as a skilled composer, guitarist, and founding member of The Script. Mark’s three children and wife, Rina Sheehan, survive him.

Mark Sheehan and Rina Sheehan’s marriage

Rina initially met Mark Sheehan in the United States, when she was a session vocalist for The Script. The couple married in 2005 and had their first kid, Cameron, in 2008. They eventually had a girl called Avery, followed by a boy named Lil. Mark told The Mirror in 2008 that he was producing and working with several studios while Rina was a studio session vocalist and backup singer. He went on to say:

“And we just clicked in the way that you do.” We married three years ago and are expecting our first child.”

Mark Sheehan

Mark began his career as a MyTown member.

Mark Sheehan was born on October 29, 1976, in the south inner-city neighborhood of the Liberties. He started his career as a member of the MyTown band, which was formed in 1996. Tony Dunne, Paul Walker, and Terry Daly were the other members. Tony eventually left the band and moved to the United States with his boyhood buddy, Danny O’Donoghue. The team then began composing and producing songs for other music business figures. They were eventually joined by drummer Glen Power, resulting in the formation of The Script.

Mark Sheehan

Mark declined to join the band on their Great Hits tour last year. Danny believes it was because his family needed him at the moment. Danny mentioned in an interview with Sunday World:

“He’s been the driving force behind The Script for so long that I told him, ‘If you want to take a bit of time out for your family, you are more than welcome to, and I insist on you going and doing it.’”

The Script’s self-titled first album was published in 2008, followed by five more by 2019. In addition, they have released 22 singles, four EPs, and two compilation albums.

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