Who Is Zach Erdem From Serving The Hamptons?

Serving the Hamptons is a new reality program created by the same people that created Selling the Hamptons. The summer special docuseries is centered on the daily lives of young and beautiful employees at the lively 75 Main Restaurant on Long Island’s East End.

In this next episode, which is due to premiere on April 7, Zach Erdem will be shown directing his crew. The reality TV personality, who was born in Turkey, has been in the food and beverage sector for over 11 years and owns AM Nightclub, Blu Mar, Summer House Nightclub Lounge, and Harpoon House hotel. When he departed the highlands of Turkey, he began his trek to rule the East End. He was reared impoverished in his hometown and worked as a shepherd.

Zach Erdem

Erdem told Dan’s Paper about his early life:

“It was in the highlands, and the little community had no road, TVs, or power, so it was virtually cave life.” I’d been working as a shepherd in the highlands with the animals all day, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.”

Zach Erdem arrived in New York City in 2002.

When Erdem first saw New York City in a newspaper, he began to dream big. He clung to that newspaper image for years before making the major leap to New York City with little money in 2002. Erdem didn’t know any English at first, and the first word he learned was “exit,” which he encountered regularly when using public transportation.

He eventually relocated to Southampton, where he worked as a dishwasher at 75 Main Street. He worked his way up to the position of a bartender, but he quit shortly after. Zach later became the manager of another restaurant called Nello but was sacked in 2010. This is when he discovered that 75 Main was for sale. He took a chance, and it paid off. He transformed 75 Main into a legendary restaurant, earning him the moniker “The Main Man in Southampton.”

Zach Erdem

His restaurant became famous not just among locals, but also among celebrities. The Kardashians, Real Housewives cast members, and several A-list socialites and celebrities have eaten at the restaurant. In fact, while he was Vice President under previous President Barack Obama, President Joe Biden dined there.

When will the premiere of Serving the Hamptons take place?

Season 1 of Serving the Hamptons will launch on Discovery+ on Thursday, April 7. Five one-hour episodes will be published simultaneously.

Serving the Hamptons’ official summary is as follows:

“The five-hour-long episodes transport viewers to one of the world’s most exclusive enclaves, showcasing all the juicy drama in the lives of the young, s**y restaurant staff at Southampton’s ‘it’ dining destination, 75 Main, as they hook up, argue, and work together to ensure clients return for more.”

The Serving the Hamptons ensemble also features manager Victoria Hilton, VIP hostesses Samantha Crichton and Jillian Gough, chef Brogan Wu, DJ Ethan Thompson, waiter Jack Tavcar, and waitress Hailey Druek, and bartenders Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jodie Bisasor.

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