Who Is Tyler Farrell From “Dream Home Makeover”?

Season 4 of The Dream Home Makeover was just launched on Netflix. On Friday, December 9, 2022, all six episodes of the series were published. Shea and Syd McGee, who run their own interior design business, refurbish their clients in their own way and help make their dreams come true on the popular reality TV renovation program.

Syd and Shea’s company began when they began posting images of their personal home improvements on Instagram. After their network grew and they became well-known, they founded their own interior design business, Studio McGee, in 2014. The stars of Netflix’s Dream Home Makeover worked very hard and have now established themselves as some of the industry’s finest interior designers and renovators. Aside from Syd and Shea, the sitcom has one additional cast member who has been with them since season one.

Tyler Farrell, their general contractor, is the one. Tyler, along with the rest of the crew, assists the couple in renovating and transforming their customers’ property. Even before the premiere of Dream Home Makeover on Netflix, Syd and Shea started working with Tyler. His first assignment with them took place in Park City.

Tyler is a fan favorite, with season 4 of Dream Home Makeover now accessible on Netflix.

Killowen Constructions is Tyler Farrell’s construction firm from Dream Home Makeover. Tyler, in addition to being a general contractor for Dream Home Makeover, also owns Killowen Construction in Wastach County. They specialize in full-build custom houses, as well as expansions and remodels throughout Summit and Wasatch Counties and beyond, according to their official website.

The webpage also states,

“We’ve developed a business strategy that allows us to collaborate with some of the greatest subcontractors in the region. We make it a point to express our expectations ahead of time, and we are quick to ask them what they will need to achieve those standards. We choose the hands that will construct your house, and we place a significant value on those connections. Our objective is to move your ideas from concept to reality as effortlessly as possible.”

Tyler Farrell

He also has a professional Instagram account for his firm, @killowenconstruction, with over 108k followers. Tyler also has a personal Instagram profile with just less than 2k followers. He and his wife, Daile Farrell, have four children. Tyler said in an interview with the AFT Building Podcast that bespoke home construction has been a far more gratifying experience for him. He said that it is because of the “personal and family-centered procedure.”

He also became emotional while discussing his coworkers’ claims that they go above and beyond and labor for more than their paycheck because they believe in the company’s goal. Tyler remarked that communication is important in keeping his job going and added:

“Communication is where building, at least in the relationships, goes awry. If someone feels heard, even if there is an issue, if you recognize it and provide frequent updates—communication is crucial.”

Tyler Farrell

Tyler often updates his personal Instagram feed with photos of his family and friends. He also makes blog postings regarding his work. Highlights have also been tagged with memories of his children, family, and fitness.

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