Who Is Sparkle Hyche From “Back in the Groove”?

Back in the Groove (under the Walt Disney Television Alternative Banner), Hulu’s first unscripted reality TV program, will showcase three women in their 40s, including Sparkle Hyche, traveling to a Dominican Republic resort to meet companions half their age. Taye Diggs will host the program and assist 24 single guys in wooing the three women, who will have the last say.

Steph, 41, from Miami, Brooke, 42, from Los Angeles, and Sparkle Hyche, 43, are the three participants on Back in the Groove. Sparkle is an Atlanta-based retired businesswoman. She is a trained cosmetologist, eyebrow technician, and make-up artist who has owned and operated Salon 422 for 17 years. She will now focus on parenting her 19-year-old son and giving back to her community.

Sparkle Hyche started working at the age of eight.

She was born in New Jersey, where she found her passion for glam at the age of eight. Hyche began sewing outfits for her Barbies and family members at an early age, and her work was so outstanding that at the age of 11, she was employed to sew clothes and do make-up on other church members. She started styling celebrities for independent films and music videos in 2008. Hyche was the CEO and Creative Director of S.H.E. Brand Sparkle Hyche Enterprises, a make-up brand that focuses on “the lifestyle, mind, body, and soul of a woman, via materials and products,” in addition to Salon 422.

Sparkle Hyche

Sparkle Hyche formerly had another salon named Static Salon and worked for Regis Corporation as a “Master Cosmetologist and Extension Expert.” She has worked with some of the biggest stars in her profession, and her talents can be seen on series like Atlanta Dream and Married to Medicine. Hyche has also worked with gold medalist in track and field Francena McCorory. She was named a Woman of Power and Influence by Atlanta Magazine, a Phat Girl Fresh Lifestyle Honoree, and appeared on the cover of Glambitious Magazine in 2015. Sparkle devotes a significant amount of time to Susan G. Komen, the Atlanta Children’s Shelter, the L.E.A.P Mentor Program, and the American Cancer Society.

In 2012, she released a book titled Maintaining Your Weave. Many “wet and dry style” methods for hair extensions and natural hair were featured in the book. Sparkle Hyche never dated a young guy and divorced when she was 24 years old. She raised her kid as a single mother while relocating from New Jersey to Atlanta.

Back in the Groove will be available on Hulu on December 5th.

Season one of Back in the Groove is produced by Beyond Media Rights Ltd. and Walt Disney Television Alternative. The program will follow three ladies in their forties as they relive their youth and strive to find love among 24 young guys via different activities and workouts. Some of the candidates, such as Steven, 22, will try to keep a significant secret from the girls, which might lead to heartache. After the older women have eliminated the guys with whom they did not connect, each of the bachelors will choose one partner at the conclusion of the program.

Sparkle Hyche

Back in the Groove will launch two new episodes on Hulu on Monday, December 5 at 12 a.m. ET. The famous streaming platform will continue to release two new episodes every 24 hours for the following three days. The conclusion will be available on Thursday, December 8.

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