Who Is Snowstorm On “The Masked Singer”?

Season 8 of The Masked Singer premiered on Fox on Wednesday, November 16, 2022, at 8 p.m. ET. Snowstorm was proclaimed this week’s winner, while Bride and Avocado were exposed and eliminated. Bride was discovered to be professional wrestler Chris Jericho, while Avocado was revealed to be comedian Adam Carolla. While Snowstorm won the competition and would face two new contenders the following week, people suspected her to be comedian Nikki Glaser based on the show’s hints. One user tweeted:

The episode’s official summary is as follows:

“The panelists mock each other as two new characters join the tournament; Drew Carey and Jon Lovitz make cameos.”

This week on The Masked Singer, Snowstorm was named queen.

Former Queen Bride returns to defend her reign on tonight’s episode of The Masked Singer, with formidable new challengers Snowstorm and Avocado. Billy Idol’s White Wedding was performed by The Bride. When the judges learned the competitor had a male voice, they made their predictions accordingly. The following act was Snowstorm. She provided spectators and judges with vital information and hints about her identity prior to her performance. She stated:

“Hey everyone, let me tell you a humorous story. You have to be cold-blooded to perform what I do. So becoming Snowstorm made perfect sense for me. And, even though I can be a real B…lizard when I want to be, I promise I’m the nicest thing.”


The Masked Singer contestant also revealed that she began working at the age of 18 and that it took her two years to see herself on screen. Dedicating her performance to judging Nicole, she sang Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande. The contestant also discussed making a name for herself in a male-dominated industry and how failures have only made her more fearless.

“roasting chestnuts, a “Speed Dating” sign, someone reading a “Snowstorm” magazine that she smacks out of his hand, and a “Welcome” sign scrawled on cardboard” were among the visual clues in the present.

The Masked Singer judges were blown away by Snowstorm’s performance, with Jenny claiming that the competitor dominated the competition and Nicole describing her as having a “pop star voice.” The judges’ predictions were as follows: Heather Graham (Ken), Kathryn Hahn (Ken), Zoe Deschanel (Nicole), Iliza Schlesinger (Nicole), Aubrey Plaza (Robin), and Whitney Cummings (Robin).

Avocado was the next contestant in line to perform on stage, and prior to the performance, the contestant gave out multiple clues about his previous job as a construction worker, his transition to pursuing comedy, and many visual items such as tools and a microphone. He performed Hit the Road Jack by Ray Charles and was bombarded with guesses. Bride was the first contestant to be unmasked and revealed to be Chris Jericho by the end of The Masked Singer episode. Avocado and Snowstorm battled it out in the final round, presented by guest Drew Carey, each performing their own version of You’re So Vain by Carly Simon. Snowstorm was crowned Queen of the Week. Avocado was revealed to be comedian Adam Carolla.


Snowstorm, a participant in The Masked Singer, was identified as Nikki Glaser by fans.

Fans flocked to social media to speculate that the Snowstorm was, in fact, comedian Nikki Glaser; see what they had to say below. Season 8 of The Masked Singer has seen some fantastic performances by several candidates, including Snowstorm, who will fight against two new contenders who will attempt to take the title from the Queen. Will she keep her crown, or will she be unmasked and shown to be who fans believe she is? To discover, watch next week’s episode of The Masked Singer on Fox on Wednesday, November 23, 2022, at 8 p.m. ET.


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