Who Is Shayne Wells From MasterChef?

Season 12 of MasterChef will feature 19-year-old Shayne Wells. Fox’s culinary reality show premieres on May 25 at 8 p.m. ET. Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sánchez, and Joe Bastianich will judge. MasterChef is the most-watched cookery program ever and will improve with the upcoming season. Chefs or competitors are ‘Back to Win’ Previous season’s competitors will return with greater drive and energy to win. Physical therapist Kelsey Murphy won Season 11 in September 2021. Contestants compete to win the championship, $250,000, and a Viking kitchen.

Shayne Wells competed in MasterChef Season 12.

Shayne Wells, a 19-year-old Texan, previously competed on MasterChef Junior Season 5. He was a semi-finalist and tied for third with Adam Wadhwani. He’ll return as an adult with more food and culinary expertise. “Shayne The Train” has been cooking from a young age and loves producing innovative foods, which led him to debut on MasterChef Junior Season 5.

Shayne Wells

His school’s football squad nicknamed him because he usually took on the biggest opponent. The MasterChef candidate always liked to cook, whether assisting his parents and grandmother or his uncle in Dowagiac. According to Leader Publications, he started cooking on his own after learning from his family and modifying online recipes with a Texas twist. During a 2015 open audition in Houston, he grabbed the production team’s notice. At 13, he joined Mashu Nishi and Mark Coblentz as the oldest contenders. He soon became a fan favorite, therefore his early removal upset many.

Shayne Wells

Shayne worked at Fu Muchang in Texas and appears on Disney+’s Be Our Chef. The MasterChef finalist has over 3K Instagram followers whom he updates on fishing, cooking, and vacations. Season 5’s Willie Mike and Christian Green, Season 6’s Tommy Walton, Derrick Peltz, Shelly Flash, and Amanda Saab, Brandi Mudd, Gabriel Lewis, Caitlin “Cate” Meade, Samantha Daily, Bowen Li, Shanika Patterson, Emily Hallock, Brielle “Bri” Baker and Fred Chang, Andrew with Season 1’s Dara Yu.

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