Who Is Sharon “Sevn” Strickland From “Baking It” Season 2

Sharon “Sevn” Strickland, 24, will soon be featured on Peacock’s grueling culinary competition Baking It, where she and her companion Kandyy will compete for $50,000. The couple will be among eight home chefs attempting to impress four “judgmental” grandparents with their delicacies. Sevn had originally planned to pursue a profession in cosmetology, but due to family issues, Sharon opted not to enroll in a beauty school 7 hours away from Kandyy and her sick mother. Kandyy and her husband were homeless for a while after her mother died, sometimes sleeping at the houses of her relatives.

Sevn and Kandyy then chose to relocate from their respective hometowns to Charlotte in 2018, where Sven began selling cosmetics. She despised her work, and after years of battle melancholy, she resolved to retire in 2020, and one day she took a pan to prepare cupcakes. After attempting a recipe, the Baking It competitor realized she had never done anything like this before and devised a business strategy on the spot. She went to Walmart with $25 to purchase “strawberries, some chocolate, some small sprinkle glitter things, some flowers, sugar.” She originally opted to develop some specific goods for the cakes before shifting her emphasis to the cakes themselves. Her baking company, The Cake Florist, is now booming and provides a variety of items to its consumers, including personalized cakes, cupcakes, and macarons, which will be featured on Baking It.

Sharon Sevn Strickland

A contestant on Baking It Strickland, Sharon “Sevn,” was born in Alabama.

Sharon “Sevn” Strickland was born in Montgomery, Alabama, and was only 7 months old when her father died. Sven was tormented at school because of her weight, and her family became poisonous when her stepfather died when Sharon was only seven years old. Sevn chose to temporarily relocate to Rocky Mount after meeting Kandyy on Instagram to care for Kandyy’s ailing mother. Sharon therefore decided against attending Atlanta’s cosmetology school, which was 7 hours away from Kandyy, and instead planned to go to Charlotte with her partner’s family, since the new town also offered a reputable school in the same profession.

Sharon Sevn Strickland

Kandyy’s mother died in 2018 as a result of renal disease. After a disagreement with the landlord, Kandyy and Sharon were evicted from their home. After a period of residing in motels and relatives’ houses, the couple relocated to Charlotte “with $800 and a hope.” When one of Kandyy’s aunts volunteered to pay for Sevn’s cosmetology school, he accepted. Sharon began her career as a cosmetics artist, and the majority of her clientele were s*x workers. In an interview, she said that her customers were largely “brats,” and that she had to leave her profession for the sake of her mental health. Sevn chose to start her own baking company in 2020, and she can currently be seen on Baking It season 2.

What did Kandyy think of Sevn’s cooking?

Kandyy presently teaches swimming at the British Swim School and is passionate about home remedies. She admitted to being “forced into baking.” She also said that Sven owns the kitchen.

“I’m only allowed in there when she needs assistance. Even when she needs assistance, I get in her way. ‘OK, just give it here, I’ll do it,’ she says.”

Season 2 of Baking It will premiere on Peacock on Monday, December 12, at 3:01 a.m. ET.

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