Who Is Seth Jacobson From “Below Deck Adventure” Season 1?

Within a few weeks after its Bravo debut, Below Deck Adventure season 1 saw a lot of controversies unfold. In episode 3, Captain Kerry Titheradge discharged deckhand Kyle Dickard for misbehaving with another crew member. For a few episodes, the deck crew also suffered owing to a manpower shortage. Seth Jacobson, a new deckhand, joined the program in episode 7. Upon his arrival, the newcomer instantly became the center of attention because of his flirtation with chief stew Faye Clarke.

Despite joining Captain Kerry’s boat as a deckhand, Seth has more experience than the majority of his castmates. Seth, a trained yacht captain, was hired at a lesser position on the Mercury since he had never worked in Europe.

Seth Jacobson, a certified boat skipper, is both a realtor and a bartender.

Seth Jacobson, a newbie to Below Deck Adventure, is a guy with many abilities. His perseverance and hard work earned him the title of captain, but he didn’t stop there; he also became a real estate agent. Seth offers real estate services due to his “Florida Real Estate License with EXP Realty.” Seth has his own website where he lists the services he provides, which include real estate, boat services, yacht broker services, chef/bartending services, and skipper charter services.

Seth Jacobson

Seth was born in Maryland and reared on Chesapeake Beach on the Chesapeake Bay, where his father owned numerous boats. He began working as a bartender in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at the age of 21 and has 10 years of experience in the hospitality sector. Simultaneously, Seth started his career in the yachting industry by wandering the docks for a day job.

On Bravo’s website, his bio reads:

“Seth Jacobson grew up in New England and was usually on the sea. He went to Fort Lauderdale at the age of 21 to bartend and would roam the docks looking for a day jobs and a way into the yachting industry. He became a qualified captain by carrying his drive throughout his career.”

It goes on to say:

“Always prepared for a new challenge, Seth downgraded himself to deckhand on the Mercury since he’d never worked in Europe before. Will Seth be able to put his expertise aside and work with the crew, or will he find it difficult to forget he’s no longer the captain?”

Only time will tell whether Seth will be a team player or strive to be the deck team’s captain.

When will Bravo show Below Deck Adventure season 1 episode 8?

Season 1 of Below Deck Adventure airs on Bravo on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET and on Peacock the following day. The next episode, Elevate Yourself, will debut on Bravo on Tuesday, December 27, 2022, at 9 p.m. ET. Faye and Seth will continue to flirt with one other in the forthcoming episode of Below Deck Adventure season 1. Both will be seen straining with their deckhand positions.

Below Deck Adventure season 1 episode 8’s official summary is as follows:

“New deckhand Seth discovers holes in his department’s leadership and says he can manage it better; a plate mix-up creates issues during a Viking Oktoberfest-themed meal, and Faye takes the guests paragliding.”

Seth Jacobson

Captain Kerry Titheradge, chef Jessica Condy, Faye Clarke and her stews Kasie Faddah and Oriana Schneps, as well as Bosun Lewis Lupton and his deckhands Michael “Mike” Gilman, Nathan Morley, and Seth Jacobson, star in the new Below Deck episode. All past episodes of Below Deck Adventure season 1 may be seen on Bravo’s website or on Peacock TV.

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