Who Is Richa Sadana From “Family Karma”?

Family Karma will return to theaters on November 6 at 9 p.m. ET. The show will reunite the entire cast that fans have grown to know and love over the previous two seasons. The season begins with a lot of excitement, happiness, and love as the show’s favorite pair Richa and Vishal tie the knot in Bollywood style in the season premiere. The season begins with a Big Fat Indian Wedding, to which everyone is invited. Although one of their buddies did not appear, spectators hope Anisha’s absence is for a good cause. Richa isn’t a primary cast member, but she should be since she’s been around since the program originally aired and is beloved by fans and viewers alike.

Richa Sadana of Family Karma began her legal profession in 2012.

With Richa and Vishal’s wedding, Family Karma is about to take off. The bride works for NYLIFE Securities LLC in New York as a certified insurance agent. Richa has a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance from the University of Miami, as well as a Doctorate degree in law from the same institution.

Richa Sadana

She began her legal career in 2012 with Woodbury, Santiago & Correoso as a litigation attorney representing financial institutions, followed by five years as an insurance agent for the New York Life Insurance Company. The supporting cast member of Family Karma is an animal lover who has been helping at the Miami Dade Animal Shelter since 2011.

According to her LinkedIn profile:

“It’s vital to me to treat customers like family, and I want to be there for you through good and terrible times. My objective is to be a resource for the community while also developing solid, long-term connections with my customers.”

Vishal and Richa had been in a long-distance relationship for the majority of their relationship since neither of them were willing to sacrifice their professions. They were engaged for three years before splitting up in 2021. Vishal, on the other hand, got down on one knee for the second time in season 2’s finale to recover his love for Richa. Vishal told People after the wedding that he believes there were some basic issues in their relationship that they had to work through in order to determine whether they wanted to continue their lives together. He acknowledged having difficulty getting along with Richa’s mother and said that the pair had spent a significant amount of time in counseling.

Richa stated:

“In our age, it is very simple to give up. Everyone in our age just quits up because of little hassles.”

Richa Sadana

Vishal Parvani works as a real estate agent.

In the season 2 finale of Family Karma, the commercial real estate agent and Bravo reality star went down on one knee once again. The groom told People that he intended to marry Richa Sadana in India and that the two of them planned to visit Jaipur, “where all the palaces are.” Their plans were thwarted by the epidemic, so they settled on a beach wedding in Cancun.

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