Who Is Real Boss Daddy On Tiktok?

Real Boss Daddy, a TikTok user, is going viral for flaunting his insanely wealthy lifestyle. The social media platform is a great place to meet people of all walks of life, from social justice warriors and artists to entrepreneurs and those with whom you can relate or even be inspired. As a result, when @realbossdaddy began flaunting his wealth, many TikTok users were curious about his life.

Reall Boss Daddy
Real Boss Daddy (Source: Pinterest)

Who Is Real Boss Daddy?

At the time of writing, the TikToker, who describes himself as a “Badass self-made entrepreneur,” had over 54,000 followers. Many of his videos have received more than 800,000 likes.

According to his bio, the 29-year-old creator is on TikTok to teach kids. He also claims to have been barred from working on Wall Street.

@realbossdaddy is known for using expletives in his videos as he flaunts his wealth to his followers or gives them life/financial advice.

His most recent video, titled “Rubbing more opulence in your face,” has received over 200,000 views. He takes his fans on a tour of his two-story penthouse. He displays his 3000 square foot room, which features a massive painting of himself on the wall, a marble dining table, and a spectacular chandelier. In many of his videos, he flaunts his yacht to show off his wealth.

Real Boss Daddy’s Net Worth

Real Boss Daddy has not revealed his net worth yet, But he is living his best life as shown in his tik tok videos and he describes himself as a self-made entrepreneur

Tiktok Users React To Real Boss Daddy

While many of his TikTok followers troll @realbossdaddy and his videos, others wonder how he became as wealthy as he claims.

“I can’t take him seriously,” one follower wrote.

Another user commented, “This guy loves himself more than Will loves Jada.”

“I have a lot of questions.” “For example, who are you and how did you make all your money?” inquired another Tiktok user

Real Boss Daddy’s Identity Is Still Unknown

Despite amassing a sizable TikTok following in a short period of time, the TikToker’s identity remains unknown. He has yet to reveal his name on social media, and his job remains a mystery. On TikTok, @realbossdaddy hasn’t even revealed which industry he made all of his money in.

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