Who Is Reagan Hack From “Southern Hospitality”?

Reagan Hack, a new cast member, was introduced in Southern Hospitality season 1 episode 6. Her appearance irritated her co-stars since they had a history. Leva Bonaparte welcomed Reagan to her nightclub, the Republic Garden & Lounge, in episode 6 and informed her workers that the newcomer would be joining the team. While Southern Hospitality viewers may have seen Reagan for the first time, the cast members recognized her. Reagan cheated on Will Kulp while they were dating. Reagan, according to Maddi Reese, has a habit of cheating on his wealthy lover, Reece. She went on to say that Bradley Carter was one of the Charleston lads with whom Reagan had an affair while Reece was gone on business.

Reagan Hack has joined Republic as a VIP Sales Representative.

The characters of Southern Hospitality revealed in their confessionals that Reagan had worked at Republic. She quit her job to tour the globe with Reece William, her lover. She is currently back at work as a VIP Salesperson. Reagan has had more part-time employment than full-time positions, according to her LinkedIn page. For a year, she worked part-time at a Greenville steakhouse. She then worked as a campaign aide in the South Carolina House of Representatives.

Reagan Hack

The new Bravo star also worked part-time as the Client Sales Manager at Charleston Medical Spa. Reagan was also pursuing her Bachelor’s degree at the College of Charleston at this period. She worked as a model for Ursula Wiedmann for nearly three years after graduating. She began working for Leva and Republic Garden & Lounge at the same time. Her LinkedIn page makes no note of the time she took off from work to vacation.

Reagan also works as a marketing copywriter for Palmetto Publishing from home. The Southern beauty said in her profile that she is searching for PR and writing opportunities. In her personal life, she is dating Reece William, alias Reece Kimsey, a wealthy businessman from Charleston. Reece, Reagan’s boyfriend, has arrived. Middleburg Communities’ principal/head of site acquisitions, Reece, is based in Charleston. Wayah Wake Real Estate Advisors also employs him as a managing principal.

According to Reece’s LinkedIn page, he has worked in both the real estate and law industries. He was depicted as a possessive, wealthy lover who would not enjoy Reagan working at Republic in Southern Hospitality season 1 episode 6. Bradley, who hooked up with Reece, admitted to being scared of Reece since he had connections all across South Carolina. Reece has kept his Instagram private, so his prospects of getting featured on Southern Hospitality are limited.

Why did Reagan’s relationship conversation in Southern Hospitality episode 6 devolve into a fight?

Many staff members were dissatisfied with Reagan’s arrival. While Grace Lily, Bradley Carter, and Mia Alario were overjoyed by Reagan’s return, the rest of the cast was irritated by Leva Bonaparte’s choice. Maddi claimed Reagan circulated rumors and falsehoods about her and that she cheated on her boyfriend with Bradley. Things became heated in episode 6 when Reagan failed to invite Maddi, Will Kulp, and Emmy Sharrett to her birthday celebration.

Reagan Hack

Following the celebration, the group joined others who had not been invited, resulting in a large blowout. Maddi and Will continued to make fun of Bradley and Reagan’s previous relationship, while Bradley put Emmy under the bus for her peanut butter secret with Maddie’s boyfriend Trevor. The show concluded with a fight among the co-stars. Only time will tell whether they will rekindle their friendship. Every Monday at 9.00 p.m. ET, viewers can watch a new episode of Southern Hospitality season 1 on Bravo.

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