Who Is Philip Michael Thomas Jr. From “Love Without Borders”?

Love Without Borders follows a group of American singles who leave everything behind in quest of love. Philip Michael Thomas Jr. from Atlanta is one of those willing to take a risk on love. He has been unmarried for seven months and celibate for four, according to his Bravo profile.

According to Bravo’s news release:

“The show follows five Americans – Aaron Motacek, Danna Richards, Philip Michael Thomas Jr., Naeem Thompson, and Gurleen Virk – who risk everything for love.”

It goes on:

“They’ve all realized they’re caught in a rut and need to adjust the way they seek a partner as well as where they look. The love they seek and the life they want may be waiting for them on the other side of the world.”

Love Without Borders will feature Philip Michael Thomas Jr.

The Atlanta musician is hoping to find love on Love Without Borders. He grew up among prominent people like Betty Wright and the Marleys as the son of Philip Michael Thomas and Dhaima. Philip began acting in musical theater, choirs, solo performances, and other projects at an early age. He attended Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University before signing with The Exclusives (previously Move Sumthin’ Productions). Philip Michael is the official stage name of the Love Without Borders star, which he adopted after releasing a few successful albums and creating songs for a few other musicians. This includes a period as an original member of Betty Wright’s music group M.O.S.T.

Philip Michael Thomas Jr

The emerging reality TV sensation went on to perform for Czar Entertainment with Jimmy Rosemund and then began recording songs with some of the industry’s biggest stars, including Akon, Tank, and Shakespeare. The singer has a big global fanbase, which is expected to expand even more after the Bravo program. He presently has over 19K Instagram followers and is quite active on the platform. He often uses the forum to discuss his career and his passion for cuisine.

In the forthcoming program, he will fly to Ghana to spend time with Carmen, and the teaser shows him learning about her culture. However, as time passes, the two begin to clash. In the trailer, he is shown on the phone and says:

“She did not accompany me home last night. She moved on to another location.”

Later in the episode, the two are shown bickering, and Carmen hints that he doesn’t listen. Only time will tell whether Philip would give up all for love or come home empty-handed.

More information about the program

Love Without Borders is going to take five hopeless romantics on a crazy adventure in search of love. As part of the program, they will pack their belongings and go to a new place without knowing where they are going until they get at the airport.

Philip Michael Thomas Jr

The program elevates blind dates by guiding them through the process with the help of relationship specialist Arica Angelo, who discovered all of the matches based on compatibility. Watch Bravo on November 27 to discover what happens when Love Without Borders airs.

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