Who Is Paola Franco? Know More About Sofia Franklyn Mother: Wiki And Age

Sofia Franklyn has grown into a well-known online celebrity, with a large following on social media. As a result, people have developed an interest in her family members, particularly Sofia Franklyn’s Mother. More information may be found in the article. Sofia Franklyn, born July 21, 1992, is a prominent podcaster and blogger who rose to prominence due to her podcast Sofia with an F, which is accessible on her YouTube channel, Apple Podcast, Spotify, and other platforms.

Sofia’s first podcast, however, was not her first. She previously co-hosted another podcast, Call Her Daddy, with another online star, Alexandra Cooper, on the topic of sexual education. Beginning in 2018, Call Her Daddy became an instant hit and expanded steadily for two years until Sofia Franklyn abruptly left following a dispute with Alexandra Cooper and Dave Portnoy about her wages. After departing, she formed her own firm “Sloot Media” and began creating podcast episodes named Sofia With an F on her own terms. Sofia Franklyn’s celebrity from both podcasts has earned her thousands of followers on her social media accounts, and with such recognition, many people are inquisitive about her mother, who gave birth to her.

Paola Franco, Sofia Franklyn’s Mother, Who Is She? Wikimedia Commons, Career, and Age

Paola Franco, Sofia Franklyn’s mother, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Carlos Franco and Frida Franco. Her age, however, is not yet public knowledge. From March 1990 through September 1993, Franco was the Domestic Violence Shelter-Director of the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA), a nonprofit organization concentrating on the empowerment and rights of women and girls, according to her Linkedin Bio.

Sofia Franklyn

From November 1992 through September 1998, Franco worked as a program coordinator in Community Service at the University of Utah. She started studying Bachelor of Science in 1997 while working as a program coordinator and finished with a Business and organizational communications degree in 2003. After years of expertise in the real estate sector, Franco founded her own firm, Prime Time Companies, in September 2007, where she now works as President/Owner. She has over 16 years of experience in the profession. According to their website, they are the leading cooperative buying group in municipal and federal government.

Franco served as the first president of NAHREP (National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals) of Salt Lake City, Utah, two years after launching her own firm. NAHREP now has over 100 chapters around the United States, demonstrating the organization’s objective to highlight the significance of the Hispanic market in the real estate sector. Meanwhile, Franco is proficient in both Spanish and English, making it simpler for her to do business in Hispanic nations.

Paola Franco, Sofia Franklyn’s Mother: Relationships and Divorce

Paola Franco was in a relationship with Hawkins Yvonne, with whom she had Sofia Franklyn, a prominent podcaster. Sofia discovered her biological father was residing in Spain when he came to visit her in her adolescence, but she only saw him twice and he never contacted her again. She tried looking for Hawkins Yvonne on Facebook but couldn’t locate him since there were hundreds of other individuals with the same name on social media.

Sofia Franklyn

Paola Franco remarried Mark Anthony Franklyn after her divorce from Hawkins Yvonne, and he soon adopted Sofia as well. Sofia Franklyn’s mother, Paola Franco, got pregnant soon after and gave birth to Lucas Franklyn in August 2003. Despite the 11-year age difference between him and his half-sister, they grew up quite close. Paola Franco and Mark Franklyn separated many years after Lucas Franklyn was born, but the link between Lucas and Sofia remained strong. The half-siblings are still linked since Sofia Franklyn’s mother is a common connection between them.

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