Who Is Panther On “The Masked Singer” Season 8?

Season 8 of The Masked Singer has started with a new premise, and people are captivated. The legendary reality TV competition resumed for its latest chapter on Wednesday night, September 28, 2022, after a successful debut show in which two hidden superstars were uncovered. The Panther and Pi-Rat, two new disguised superstars, were presented to fans this week. The second episode, titled Vegas Night, began with the Panther taking center stage and performing his heart out to Nina Simone’s Feeling Good.

The judges were absolutely confused and couldn’t figure out who the disguised singer was. Fans on social media, though, have made a prediction. Fans speculated on Twitter that the celebrity hiding behind the Panther’s mask was none other than Montell Jordan.

In The Masked Singer Season 8, Episode 2, fans assume that Montell Jordan is the Panther.

Fans theorized on Twitter that the Panther was Montell Jordan. Many people remarked that based on the hints he supplied before his performance, they were certain it was the singer-songwriter. Here are some of the reasons why fans believe the Panther on The Masked Singer, Season 8, Episode 2 is Montell Jordan.


The Panther revealed throughout his clue packet,

“I’m fortunate to be here on Vegas Night because one of the most important things I’ve learned is to always gamble on yourself.”

The Masked Artist participant also said that he met Grammy Award-winning singer Beyonce. During his monologue, he also disclosed that for a little period of time, people believed he was dead and attended his burial. The Panther said that it was at that weird era that he recognized the significance of one’s legacy. As a result, he resolved to start from scratch in order to demonstrate to everyone that he is “a scholar, a son, a lover, and a leader.”

The Masked Singer star also said that he appeared on the program to demonstrate that no one could define him. One could see a basketball, a photo of Beyonce, a cane, a city street, news stories announcing his death, and two signs that stated “def” and “ense” in his visual package. There was also a VCR called Panthers Creed. s if it wasn’t enough to confuse the judges, the Panther provided an onstage hint. The Panther showed a globe and a sign that said “Victory” for his Vegas Night clue. He revealed,

“Panther thinks that triumph is more than simply winning; victory means everything to me.”



The judges were incorrect in their guesses that the disguised singer may be Andre Drummond, Sam Richardson, Brian McKnight, Lamar Odom, or Billy Porter. The Panther was defeated in the Battle Royale between the Panther and the Harp. When he unveiled himself, he revealed himself to be Montell Jordan. Fans that anticipated Jordan’s identity were accurate in the end. Meanwhile, the judges were taken aback when they discovered it was the preacher himself.

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