Who Is Paige Thorne From Love Island UK?

The eighth season of Love Island, which debuts on June 6, will feature 11 people fighting for $50,000 and long-term love partnerships. Paige Thorne, a 24-year-old paramedic, is one of the show’s participants. Paige is traveling to Love Island because she has had it “with males in her hometown” and is looking for a committed relationship. Andy Humphries, a Mayhill resident, recently disclosed that he “owed” his life to Paige, who assisted him and waited in the ambulance with him for seven hours at the hospital.

All About Paige Thorne

Paige is a 24-year-old paramedic from Swansea, Wales. She graduated in 2019 and wants to provide “good energy” to the reality show. Her acquaintances describe her as “relaxing.” Paige says she’ll follow the female code throughout the program and “look after anybody that needs looking after.” Paige describes herself as a “mumsy” and “excellent chef.” She’s certain that Gordon Ramsay would give her Sunday roast a solid 9/10 or 10/10. Paige’s ideal “romantic” relationship is as follows:

“I’ll prepare your meals for you. On a Sunday, we shall prepare cookies. We’ll take a stroll together.”

Paige has had enough of the guys in her community and is looking for a meaningful relationship partner who shares her ideals. Men with long fingernails and mismatched socks and shoes irritate her. In a commercial, Paige discusses the potential of meeting her future spouse on the program. She also claims that the program would help her find love:

“I need to go out and meet new people, and Love Island brings everyone together for me. I don’t have to go out, and I don’t have to swipe. So, perhaps, they’ll come to me now!”

Paige Thorne

Paige says she “loves to enjoy” and usually does “small gestures” for her loved ones. Paige explains that her patients always question her age and if she is capable of doing her work as a paramedic. She states:

“When I tell people I’m a paramedic, they’re usually startled. “Are you even old enough to look after me?” they ask. “Oh my my, hun, absolutely, for sure, I surely am,” I say.”

Andy Humphries, one of Paige’s patients, recently told Wales Media that Paige saved his life after he suffered a stroke at his local doctor’s office. Paige, along with the other paramedics, assisted in the resuscitation of the 58-year-old Mayhill homeowner.

She sat in the ambulance with him for seven hours and made sure that everyone was aware of his situation when her shift finished. He said:

“When I came around, she was there and was so committed, she sat with me in the ambulance and while I waited at the hospital for seven hours.”

Paige Thorne

Andy is protective of Paige and describes her as having a “strong personality.” He hopes no one in the villa is “awful” to her. Watch the season premiere of Love Island on ITV2 on June 6 at 9.00 pm ET to follow up on Paige’s adventure on the program.

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