Who Is Nicole Gomez From “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 21?

Hell’s Kitchen will return to FOX on September 29 at 8 p.m. ET. Season 21, popularly known as the Battle of the Ages, will have participants separated into age-based teams. The Red team will be made up of cooks in their twenties, while the Blue team will be made up of seasoned chefs in their forties. Nicole Gomez, a famous private chef who formerly worked for Will Smith’s family, is one of the participants slated to participate in the age-based tournament.

According to Fox’s press release promoting the show:

“FOX has renewed Gordon Ramsay’s popular culinary competition series HELL’S KITCHEN for two more seasons, bringing it to its 21st and 22nd seasons. In the long-running series, aspiring cooks go through a rigorous culinary curriculum to demonstrate that they have the stamina and expertise to participate in the competition each week. Only those with the correct mix of elements will be able to compete until a winner is declared.”

Nicole Gomez, a Hell’s Kitchen participant, aspired to be a commercial pilot.

Nicole Gomez of the Blue team is a famous private chef with over two decades of expertise. She entered the profession in 2000 and has worked with Will Smith, Eddie Murphy, and Dan Bilzerian. She talks about her career in the sector on The Conscious Kitchen podcast in 2021. The chef discussed how she got started in the kitchen, saying that she originally intended to be a commercial pilot and that her then-boyfriend assisted her in finding culinary schools.

Nicole Gomez

Nicole’s boyfriend used to warn her that she watched too many cooking programs since she was enamored with Emeril Lagasse, whom she referred to as a genius. Nicole worked as an intern at the Playboy house and saw art being served on a platter. Her internship ultimately blossomed into a year-and-a-half contract that taught her how much she enjoyed cooking. It also made her “hungry” for information, and she began broadening her horizons as a cook.

Nicole stated that, although she was ecstatic about the prospect of flying, she realized it would not allow her to express herself creatively in the manner she desired. As a cook, she could continue to experiment with technique and creativity. The Hell’s Kitchen competitor described her early days in the culinary field as “hardcore.” She revealed in the show that she faced some fierce competition in her early days. She said, “You must outcook and sabotage them. You must rely on yourself.”

It was difficult for her to get into the big leagues as a female chef. She said that she felt the urge to remove her femininity since she seemed “very youthful” at the time. The Hell’s Kitchen chef went on to say that she needed to behave like a male in order to be respected.

Nicole Gomez

Nicole Gomez has come a long way, and she often shares her progress and amazing works on Instagram. She’s made a name for herself in the profession by serving masterpieces after first seeing art being served on a plate. She will now appear in Hell’s Kitchen. Her work in many kitchens may have helped prepare her for Gordon’s anger, but the experience will undoubtedly be unlike any other. Watch Hell’s Kitchen episodes on Hulu the day after they air on Fox on September 29 at 8 p.m. ET.

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