Who Is Mikel Simmons From “Southern Hospitality” Season?

Southern Hospitality is a spin-off of Bravo’s Southern Charm, which included Leva Bonaparte as a key cast member. She plays the boss woman who operates Charleston’s high-end nightclub and manages a tight-knit workforce in the new show. Mikel Simmons, the VIP host at Leva’s nightclub, Republic Garden & Lounge, is one of the staff members. He was born and raised in Charleston in a pious Christian family.

As shown in various teasers and promos for this season, he is expected to bring some drama to Southern Hospitality. Despite the fact that he has worked with the organization for a long time, Mikel may irritate his employer. Only time will tell whether he can make it through the season.

Mikel thinks he has “two lives.”

Mikel Simmons will experience a range of emotions in Southern Hospitality. In a teaser, he was shown admitting that he had not told his family about his sexual orientation.

Mikel stated:

“Imagine living two lives in the same body. My family is unaware that I enjoy males.”

Mikel Simmons

According to the VIP host’s profile, he felt he was leading a double life since his church and family were unaware that he preferred guys. Mikel was reared in a devout Christian home, and it would be fascinating to watch how he tells the truth to his family.

On Bravo’s website, his bio reads:

“Charleston native Mikel Simmons/VIP Host is known for bringing the party everywhere he goes.” Mikel is now ready to come out to his friends and cherished church group after being tormented by his past when he thought he was leading a second life.”

It goes on,

“Though these discussions will be difficult, especially in the South, he views them as the next step toward achieving peace with himself.”

Mikel has spent his whole life in Charleston, South Carolina. He attended Wando High School before enrolling in a year-long course at Seacoast School of Worship to get a “certificate of completion, worship studies,” according to his LinkedIn page. In 2019, he graduated from Southeastern University, where he studied “worship leadership, theology, and ministry studies.” He began his employment in the Charleston County School District as an After School Counselor. He became the worship leader at Freedom Church after working there for almost two years. He now works in the hospitality sector with many restaurant owners to attract celebrities and large parties to Charleston nightclubs.

Mikel Simmons

According to his LinkedIn page, he works as a part-time commission sales associate at Leva’s Republic Garden & Lounge. Leva was shown hitting Mikel in a sneak peek film for Southern Hospitality for backstabbing her and bringing high-class clientele to her rival’s restaurant. Mikel, who is from Charleston, knows many of Leva’s Southern Charm pals. He has multiple Instagram images of himself and Kathryn Dennis having a good time.

Season 1 cast members of Southern Hospitality

Season 1 of Southern Hospitality will premiere on Bravo on Monday, November 28, 2022, at 9:00 p.m. ET. The episode will also be available on Peacock the following day. Leva Bonaparte, Mikel Simmons, Grace Lilly, Maddi Reese, Joe Bradley, Luca Pea, Will Kulp, TJ Dinch, Emmy Sharrett, Bradley Carter, and Mia Alario are among the cast members of the new reality TV series.

Several known names from Southern Charm will also appear on the program, including Naomi Olindo, Craig Conover, Patricia Altschul, and Austen Kroll. Southern Hospitality will premiere new episodes on Bravo every Monday at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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