Who Is Mijken Nelson? Meet The Ex-Girlfriend Of Adam Morrison

Mijken Nelson rose to notoriety when she began dating Adam Morrison, a former American basketball player. Morrison, a collegiate basketball star, played in the NBA for the Charlotte Bobcats and the Los Angeles Lakers. Mijken met Adam after he retired from basketball, but it didn’t take long for her to break into the spotlight.

However, since the 6ft 8-inch tall former basketball player has avoided the media, Mijken’s reputation has dwindled in recent years, and there is little information about her on the internet. Questions about Mijken Nelson’s early life, parents, schooling, and so on have yet to be satisfactorily addressed, although her present relationship situation is one that none of you should overlook. So, in today’s essay, you’ll get the solutions to all of the aforementioned queries.

Mijken Nelson Is in Her Late Thirties

Nelson is an Idaho native, the son of architects Robert George Nelson and Judy Cerenzia. Mijken J Nelson was born on March 21, 1983, in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and she will be 39 years old in January 2023. Nelson was born in the United States, although her grandparents, C. George Nelson and Freda C. (Swenson) Nelson, were Swedish immigrants from Sweden.

Her Siblings

Nelson has four brothers and sisters: Kirk (Lisa), Jai, Kol (Connie), and Kjell Nelson. Mijken has a close relationship with all of her siblings, particularly her brother Kjell, with whom she sometimes sends images on social media.

Mijken Nelson

Her father passed away in 2012; Who is her mother?

Robert George Nelson, Nelson’s father, died on August 2, 2012, at 76. Robert was a well-known architect who attended Washington State University before continuing his education at Harvard University and M.I.T. R.G. was an outstanding architect as well as a professor of architecture at the University of Idaho. He got the American Institute of Architecture Students’ “Outstanding Practitioners in Education” Award as a lecturer. In addition, he received the AIA Spokane Citation Honor Award for his design of the University of Idaho’s Recreation Center.

Aside from that, R.G. served as a Lieutenant in the United States Army during the Vietnam War. On the other side, nothing is known about Nelson’s mother, Judy. Mijken routinely posts images of her father on social media, but she has seldom posted a photo of her mother on any site. Having said that, she did once post an old photograph of her parents from their marriage. “I came across these wedding photos of my parents while going through boxes of my dad’s,” Mijken commented with the post.

Nelson Education

Mijken attended Coeur d’Alene High School before transferring to Boise State University to study Kinesiology. She graduated in 2006, at the age of 23, and immediately began working in the healthcare field.

Mijken Nelson is a business owner.

Nelson, as previously stated, began working in the healthcare field after graduating. Notably, she was long linked with Hayden Lake Chiropractic. Nelson notes on their website that she “enjoys working closely with our patients in order to provide them with a courteous and welcoming experience.”

Nelson, on the other hand, is no longer employed by the corporation and has been operating her own business, “Arranged by Mj,” for some time. Her company specializes in the design and decoration of houses, businesses, spas, nightstands, and worktops. Mijken Nelson has also been advertising her firm on social media, noting that she has always wanted to work as a creative designer.

Mijken Nelson

Mijken Nelson’s Relationship Status: Is She Still Dating Adam Morrison?

According to her social media, Mijken Nelson is currently single as of 2023. The 39-year-old does not seem to be dating former basketball player Adam Morrison. Mijken, who is quite active on Facebook and Instagram, has changed her relationship status to single. Furthermore, she hasn’t shared a single picture with her child’s father in a long time. We discovered via her social media postings that she used to swap images with her possible ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, we can still see some of her photos with Adam, thus we assume Mijken Nelson and Adam Morrison divorced amicably. Though it is uncertain, the former couple began dating in 2016 and had a kid, a boy Maxxson John, in the same year August 17th.

The joyful mother announced the birth of their bundle of joy on Instagram, where she also revealed the name of her baby, “Maxxon-John Robert Morrison.” Maxxson, who will be six years old in early 2023, will graduate from kindergarten in June 2022. Nelson posted a few photographs from his graduation on Instagram on June 10.

Who is Adam Morrison Dating?

Adam, like her ex-boyfriend Mijken, looks to be single. Adam, who prefers to remain under the radar of the media, does not post details about his personal life on social media. As a result, it’s unclear if Morrison is dating anybody in 2023. In fact, when asked about his views on marriage, he previously said he did not believe in marriage. Aside from his son with his now ex-girlfriend, Mijken, Morrison is also the father of two girls, aged ten (born in 2012) and thirteen (born in 2009).

Mijken Nelson’s ex-boyfriend has Type 1 Diabetes.

Adam Morrison, a former NBA great, has been fighting type 1 diabetes since he was a youngster. Morrison was diagnosed with the condition when he was 13 years old. As a result, he had to routinely check his glucose level during games while playing for college.

The condition often depleted his energy during games, which didn’t pose many issues during his collegiate days; nevertheless, once he began playing in the NBA, its 82-game schedule proved too much for him. To make matters worse, Morrison tore his ACL in his left knee in October 2007, putting him out for a year. Even after rehabilitation, he was unable to return to his former self, forcing him to retire at the age of 28.

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