Who Is Matt Bolton From “Love Is Blind” Season 3?

Matt Bolton is one of the 10 fortunate individuals who met their soul mate on Love is Blind. After being cheated on by his 10-year relationship, the 28-year-old private charter sales executive appeared on the program to “tear down his barriers.” He graduated from Texas State Technical College and proposed to 25-year-old Colleen Reed in the pods. Colleen was first drawn to Brennon, but he preferred Alexa and planned to propose to her. Colleen sought to find love again, this time with Cole, but he believed Colleen was not ready for a “deep” marriage and ended things with her.

She ultimately chose to speak to Matt and looked ready for him to go further. She stepped into the room anxiously and practically in tears, asking him to take the next step. He proposed to Colleen, who accepted. Fans of Love is Blind thought Colleen was simply looking to marry anybody and didn’t care much for her boyfriend Matt. They didn’t think the pair would go down the aisle.

Matt Bolton

Matt Bolton, a Love Is Blind competitor, is a Dallas Cowboys enthusiast.

Matt is originally from Fort Worth, Texas, and graduated from Texas State Technical College with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He worked as a shop manager at Universal Machining Industries for two years until leaving in 2017. Matt quickly rose to the position of vice president of LFC Industries, where he stayed for five years. He is presently employed at Leviate Air Group as a Charter Sales Executive.

Matt Bolton

According to his LinkedIn profile, he has extensive experience in the aviation and aerospace industries, as well as expertise in CNC operations and Aerospace Manufacturing. He supports the Dallas Cowboys. Matt married a girl when he was 18, soon after graduating from high school. The pair dated for four years before choosing to marry, but they divorced when Matt was 24. During his time in the Love Is Blind pods, he admitted that his wife had cheated on him and confessed to being pregnant with another man’s kid.

Fans of Love is Blind are moved. Colleen is terrified of being rejected.

Collen said that she was afraid of getting disappointed if a man shot her down again after being rejected by Cole and Brennon. She said that she would give Matt another try since they had a wonderful “first couple of discussions.” Matt attempted to put a good gloss on Colleen’s position and persuade her to be vulnerable. Colleen said that she couldn’t stop thinking about Matt and expressed her feelings for him. She was nervous when she told Matt she was ready to take the next step.

Colleen was relieved when Matt proposed, but Love is Blind followers think the pair will be together for a long time. Colleen, they said, was anxious for a ring because she wanted to be on the program, not because she felt a connection to Matt. Love is Blind’s next three episodes will be available on Netflix on October 26 at 3 a.m. ET. Colleen will bond with Cole rather than her fiancé Matt, and things will become nasty when he admits that he cannot marry Colleen, as revealed in a teaser.

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