Who Is Layshia Clarendon Wife? Relationship & Kids Explored

Layshia Clarendon’s wife is Jessica Dolan. Clarendon has made significant contributions to the sports world as a non-binary player in the WNBA. Layshia, a great athlete who played for Cal and was named all-Pac-12 twice, has boldly taken the trailblazing step of publicly identifying as a non-binary person. Her placement in the Cal 100 originates from her considerable effect in both the sports industry and society at large. She is now in her tenth season with the Los Angeles Sparks.

Layshia has been a famous champion for LGBTQ causes, using their platform to raise awareness and promote inclusion in addition to their success on the court. The expedition has received widespread media coverage, with noteworthy stories in ESPN, SI.com, and Cal Sports Report noting the bravery in breaking down obstacles.

WNBA: Who Is Jessica Dolan’s Wife, Layshia Clarendon?

Layshia Clarendon and Jessica Dolan tied the knot in 2017. Layshia’s wife works in marketing and is a former basketball player. Clarendon was a key player for the Atlanta Dream at the time, having been traded by the Indiana Fever the year before. She won the coveted title of Outsports’ Female Hero of the Year in 2015.


Dolan, on the other hand, managed Olympians and female athletes at the sports marketing and entertainment firm Wasserman. Similarly, Jessica had previously worked with the University of California women’s basketball team when Clarendon was a player, most notably leading Cal to their first-ever Final Four appearance in 2013. Earlier that year, Dolan published a moving blog post about her relationship with a black lady and how it changed her outlook on the world. Clarendon, like many other athletes, enthusiastically embraced the role of an “activist” athlete, bravely speaking out against racism, misogyny, and homophobia.

Layshia Clarendon

She addressed the problem of sexual assault earlier that year in 2016. They unquestionably formed a formidable power duo in the sports world. Layshia Clarendon said in 2015 that she was “black, gay, female, non-cisgender, and Christian.” She openly declared as non-binary in 2020 and started using the pronouns she/her, they/them, and he/him. In 2021, the athlete also had chest masculinization surgery to remove breast tissue.

Jessica Dolan and Layshia Clarendon’s Marriage and Children

Layshia and Jessica married in 2017, as previously stated. The ceremony was held at the Hotel Shattuck Plaza in Berkeley, where the couple went to college. The couple welcomed their kid, dubbed “#babyC,” in the maternity recovery area of a Bay Area hospital in December 2020. Jessica, Layshia’s wife, had recently had a cesarean section after a 29-hour labor and carrying the baby for over 41 weeks.

Layshia Clarendon

Layshia got some alone time with her first kid while Jessica was healing. After being soothed by Layshia, the infant, identified as infant C and referred to using they/them pronouns, reportedly reacted with gurgles and squirms. The ecstatic parents arrived at the hospital without a definite decision on their kid’s name, intending to make the decision after the baby was born. However, it took another two days before they finally decided on a name. They have opted to keep the name secret and not reveal it to the world. The birth of Baby C, according to Layshia, had a tremendous influence on her, reinforcing their dedication to strive for a more equal society. She has expressed their intention to raise the child with a perspective that embraces gender expansiveness.

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