Who Is Kyle Dickard From “Below Deck Adventure”?

Season one of Bravo’s new program Below Deck Adventure will feature three deckhands, one of them is Texas-born Kyle Dickard. A deckhand is a member of the yacht’s deck crew, and his or her boss is known as the bosun. Kyle, who has five years of sea experience, will be seen working on deck aboard the yacht Mercury in Below Deck Adventure. Lewis Lupton will be Kyle’s bosun, while Michael Gilman and Nathan Morley will be his deckhands. This season, the squad and the complete Mercury crew will sail across the Norwegian Fjords.

Kyle Dickard left home at the age of 19 to travel across the globe.

Kyle Dickard enjoys traveling. He left his home in Texas at the age of 19 to follow his travel ambition. He developed his love of sailing while visiting the Bahamas, and he has been working at sea ever since.

On Bravo’s website, his bio reads:

“Born and reared in Texas, Kyle departed at the age of 19 to follow his lifelong goal of touring the globe.” Kyle discovered sailing while vacationing in the Bahamas and thought working on deck was a natural match. He has never looked back.”

Kyle Dickard

It goes on:

“Kyle is a strong deckhand with over five years of sea experience who is eager to cruise in new waters. His southern charm keeps him out of trouble most of the time, but when he disagrees with another crew member, he finds himself in hot water.”

Kyle has gone to Cuba, Mexico, the Bahamas, Canada, and South Africa, according to his Instagram. He encountered numerous celebrities along the road, including UFC champion Colby Covington, influencer Summer Pardi, and comedian Jeff Ross. Kyle’s Instagram photos show that he is a humorous guy who enjoys golf and fishing. Will he bring his upbeat attitude to Below Deck Adventure? Time will only tell.

Kyle will face off against Bosun Lewis On Below Deck Adventure.

Captain Kerry Titheradge, cook Jessica Condy, chief stew Faye Clarke and her stews Oriana Schneps and Kasie Faddah, and bosun Lewis Lupton with his deckhands Kyle Dickard, Michael Gilman, and Nathan Morely will all appear in Season 1 of Below Deck Adventure. Kyle seemed to be one of the more contentious cast members on board in a Below Deck Adventure preview. In the video, he is seen questioning his boss, Lewis. It then showed Kyle being summoned to the captain’s cabin, where things didn’t seem good for him.

The tension among the deck crew was referenced in the show’s description on Bravo’s website. It says:

“In this frigid-water location, Bosun Lewis Lupton and deckhands Nathan Morely, Michael Gilman, and Kyle Dickard come together as some situations grow hot when expectations aren’t reached and interpersonal problems come to a head while seeking to satisfy their visitors.”

Kyle Dickard

Kyle was also romantically connected with chief stew Faye in the promo clip. Only time will tell if the two will continue their relationship indefinitely or for a limited period. According to the official summary of the forthcoming reality TV show:

“In the newest installment of the Emmy Award-nominated series, Bravo takes viewers beyond the deck and off the yacht, as guests paraglide, explore caverns, and take adventurous helicopter flights in the Norwegian Fjords.” The series highlights thrill-seeking charter customers wanting to test their boundaries for a unique experience amid stunning landscapes steeped in Viking heritage.”

Below Deck Adventure season 1 premiere on Bravo on November 1, 2022, at 9.00 PM ET, and viewers will be a part of the full drama beginning next Tuesday.

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