Who is Kim Han Bin From “Single’s Inferno” Season 2?

Single’s Inferno season 2 is one of Netflix’s most popular South Korean reality TV dating shows, which just debuted on the streaming service. The Netflix series has so far published four episodes, putting fans on the edge of their seats, anxious to see what happens next. The dating program follows 12 young and gorgeous singletons who are brought to Inferno, a lonely island, to meet their special someone. Kim Han-bin, a 24-year-old chef, is one of the 12 people that have been on the program.

Unlike previous dating programs, the singletons on Single’s Inferno are not pampered. They will have to live in a tent and cook with the few resources available. They must participate in difficult obstacles to earn a luxurious date with someone of their choosing. The candidates must also get to know one another without disclosing too much personal information. They are not permitted to divulge any personal information, like their employment or age, until they reach Paradise.

Only by complementing each other’s appeal and characteristics would the couples be able to travel on a romantic trip to Paradise for a day. Most of the candidates on Single’s Inferno have gone on dates thus far. Kim Han-bin coupled with his partner in episode four after they picked each other and departed for Paradise. Continue reading to learn more about the Single’s Inferno star.

Season 2 of Single’s Inferno is not the first dating program. Kim Han-bin has been featured in a number of films.

Kim Han-bin is a South Korean chef who has participated in several dating programs. Prior to his involvement in Season 2 of Single’s Inferno, he was featured on LookGating, a blind dating program that pairs singles together. The 24-year-old aspires to launch his own restaurant in the near future. Even before becoming well-known for the popular Netflix reality TV series, the participant had a large number of followers on his Instagram page. His social media profile presently has 124k followers.

Kim Han Bin

Following the launch of the show, people noticed Kim Han-physical bin’s similarity to South Korean actor Nam Joo-hyuk. Aside from that, many people observed a strong resemblance between Moon Se Hoon from Single’s Inferno season 1 and the 24-year-old chef, who is also a chef and restaurant owner in Gangnam.

Fans couldn’t help but see parallels between the Single’s Inferno participants’ starting situations. Han-Bin, like Moon Se Hoon, who remained in Inferno while everyone else departed for Paradise, got a total of 0 postcards, giving admirers the notion that he would not be able to visit Paradise for long time. He was, nevertheless, allowed to go on a date later.

With whom did Kim Han-Bin go to Paradise in Single’s Inferno?

Kim Han-bin was angry in Single’s Inferno because Choi Seo-Eun, whom he liked, did not pick him to travel to Paradise with. In the second episode of the series, he said,

“When we were making supper, she worked really hard. We spoke while cooking, and she laughed a lot. I got every single vote? It’s not even close. I didn’t expect it to be as low as 0 votes since I worked really hard and was pleased with the results. This was unexpected.”

Kim Han Bin

Despite his disappointment, he refused to quit. In episode four, he spoke with Seo-Eun and cleared the air. Fortunately, they both selected each other this time, and he was allowed to accompany her to Paradise. When Single’s Inferno returns with episodes 5 and 6, fans will find out whether the pair had a good time in Paradise.

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