Who Is Kayleigh Fay From “Written in the Stars”?

Kayleigh Fay, a participant in the astrology-based dating program Written in the Stars, is ready to meet her partner. The show’s first season will air on Discovery+ on Sunday, November 27, 2022, at 3 a.m. ET. Kayleigh will be one of 12 singles looking for love in Greece this season of Written in the Stars. Three astrologers will utilize her birth chart to locate her as a matching companion on the program.

If they both discover a genuine connection, they will continue with the social experiment; otherwise, the participant may opt out of the program. On Written in the Stars, there will be no eliminations or victors or losers. Season 1 of Written in the Stars has the following synopsis:

“In this bold social experiment, 12 single strangers, each representing one of the 12 signs of the zodiac, gather at a secret house in Greece to discover they have been paired with someone in the group.”

Kayleigh Fay, a Written in the Stars competitor, is a fashion model.

Kayleigh Fay is an international curve model from Eckington who was reared in Woodseats, Sheffield. She was born on March 1, 1996. She is currently a full-time model in Manchester, UK, after winning Miss Sheffield in 2008. Kayleigh, on the other hand, will not be making her debut television appearance. She previously featured on ITV’s Take Me Out as one of the “30 flirtatious females.” In addition, the model has been in a few advertisements and served as the face of a few projects.

Kayleigh Fay

Kayleigh also owns numerous small companies and leads Sheffield’s Secret Santa charity. The 32-year-journey old’s towards spirituality began during the epidemic when she stated her desire to know herself. When it comes to spirituality, the model is all about “digging into your personality and discovering your way.” She also meets with her spiritual adviser on a weekly basis. On Instagram, the model also often discusses astrology. Kayleigh, in reality, was asked on the platform to participate in Written in the Stars. However, she was made aware of the ruse on the first night of the shooting.

Kayleigh will be paired with other singles based on their zodiac signs, in keeping with the idea of Written in the Stars. On the dating program, astrologers Colin Bedell, Michele Knight, and Francesca Oddie will play cupids and assist her in finding love.

This season of Written in the Stars will have ten episodes that will be “packed with of emotions.” The model told The Star about her time on the show:

“The program started, and we were paired with each other’s zodiac signs.” Our mates accompanied us on the voyage, providing us with chores and a variety of feelings. The villa had a counselor and a diary room, and the three prominent astrologers who presented it advised us.”

She went on to say:

“They shot for three weeks during a lunar eclipse in June.” And, yes, emotions were certainly heightened on a full moon night!

Kayleigh Fay

Kayleigh is “still a great believer in astrology” even after the show’s production. Whether or whether she met her match on the program will be revealed once the episode airs. She seemed to have made some new acquaintances, though. She stated:

“Every single cast member was incredible, and we all felt the same way.” I believe I and the girls talk every day. We went through such a grueling procedure, and keeping it hidden for months afterward drew us all together.”

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