Who Is Jessica Stocker From “Winter House” Season 2?

This week, Winter House will return with a new thrilling season. Even in Vermont, when reality stars meet, the temperature rises. Season 2 will see Summer House and Southern Charm stars gather with their pals for a two-week vacation that will prove to be more stressful than not, providing viewers with enough drama to keep them hooked. Jessica Stocker makes her debut appearance on the program, having leaped at the chance to be a part of the Bravo show after Jason Cameron reached out to her on social media. Stoker, a Metaverse real estate agent, enjoys traveling and has a colorful disposition that often leads to disputes.

According to the show’s press release:

“The drama heats up as the temperature decreases! During a two-week vacation in Stowe, Vermont, some of Bravo’s renowned “Summer House” and “Southern Charm” cast members and their pals will go on the ideal winter escape. When this raucous bunch embarks on an amazing adventure replete with hot tub hookups and icy hijinks, the six-episode series hits new heights.”

Winter House will debut on Bravo on Thursday, October 13 at 8 p.m. ET.

Meet Jessica Stocker, a newbie who will be appearing on Winter House.

The snow-filled vacation is back for another season, and there are some new faces on the program this time. Jessica Stocker, a real estate agent, is one of them. The businesswoman from California likes traveling and has a YouTube channel called Blondes Building Equity, which she operates with her closest friend and is devoted to the real estate market. Jessica likes being outside and going to the beach. It will be fascinating to see whether the warm-weather visitor can flourish in the winter.

Jessica Stocker

Her real estate career began in 2017 after she graduated from Chemeketa Community College with an Associate of Arts and Sciences. She formerly worked for Beach Real Estate, Keller Williams, and Digi.Land before launching her own business, Kinsey and Jessica Realty.

According to Stocker’s Bravo profile, the young real estate agent will be shown exploring a relationship that may perhaps continue beyond the program during her stay at Winter House. In a recent network video, it appears that fellow cast member Luke Gulbranson is interested in Jessica. Jessica said in the show’s teaser that she is sexually interested. She is also seen discussing it with other individuals and experimenting with it. Kory Keefer and Rachel Clarke are two more newbies to the program.

More information about the program

This season will include a lot of drama, both new and old. The clip depicted a furious dispute between many cast members, which ended with one of them jumping into a vehicle and driving away. While there will be a lot of strife and tension this season on Winter House, there will also be love in the air.

Jessica Stocker

Craig and Paige from Summer Home are on their first trip as a couple, as well as living in the same house for the first time. Paige is worried since she has never lived with a guy before. Craig said that this is the most they will see one other since they had been in a long-distance relationship for most of their relationship.

Kyle and Amanda, a married pair whose public show of love may make some members of the house uncomfortable, will also appear on Winter House. The program will debut on Bravo on Thursday, October 13, at 8 p.m. ET, and episodes will be accessible on Peacock.

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