Who Is Jeremy Hansen Wife? Meet Krista Hansen: Married Life And Kids Explore

Jeremy Hansen was born on January 27, 1976, in Canada. He is a retired Royal Canadian Air Force captain who flew the CF-18 fighter aircraft at Canadian Forces Base Cold Lake in Alberta. He and David Saint-Jacques were chosen as Canadian Space Agency astronauts in 2009. Hansen has been promoted to colonel and appointed as a mission expert for the Artemis 2 flight. He will be the first Canadian and non-American astronaut to go to the moon in 2024. Hansen’s extraordinary exploits in space travel serve as an inspiration to many aspiring astronauts.

Jeremy Hansen’s Wife Krista Hansen Is A Model.

Krista Hansen, a medical doctor specializing in obstetrics and gynecology, is Jeremy Hansen’s wife. In 2001, she finished her residency program at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, and then went on to get a master’s degree in public health at Johns Hopkins University. She worked as a locum tenens across Ontario after finishing her education, covering other people’s OBGYN practices. Krista and her husband relocated to Cold Lake, Alberta, in 2002, where she established her own OBGYN clinic and became the only OBGYN in the region. She stayed at Cold Lake for seven years before moving to Texas for her husband’s astronaut training.

Jeremy Hansen

Krista, as an astronaut spouse, has had to learn to adapt to an unusual lifestyle that includes numerous movements and extended times apart from her husband. She has had to shoulder the brunt of the childcare duties while also juggling her busy profession as a medical doctor. Despite the difficulties, Krista supports her husband’s ambition to become an astronaut and has prepared herself and her family for the potential of him being away from home for extended periods of time while on a space mission.

She is also well-equipped to manage any special medical problems or queries that may emerge during her husband’s astronaut training and space missions, thanks to her medical experience. Overall, Krista is a strong and successful lady who has committed her work as a medical doctor to help people while still being a supporting wife to her astronaut husband.

Jeremy Hansen’s Children

Colonel Hansen enjoys a rich personal life as a dedicated spouse and father of three children, in addition to his professional successes. Outside of work, he enjoys sailing and racing sailboats, as well as rock climbing and mountain biking. Colonel Jeremy Hansen’s career has been nothing short of amazing, with countless successes and milestones along the way. He found his passion for flying when he joined the Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron at the age of 12.

Jeremy Hansen

From there, at the age of 17, he got his private pilot license and wings, which led to his entrance to the Royal Military College Saint-Jean. He finished CF-18 Fighter Pilot Training and served as a fighter pilot for many years after receiving his bachelor’s degree in space science. Colonel Hansen, on the other hand, was chosen as an astronaut by the Canadian Space Agency in 2009. During the NEEMO 19 mission, he received considerable training and even spent a week on the ocean bottom.

He was also the first Canadian to head a NASA astronaut class, and he will be assigned to the Artemis II mission in 2023. Colonel Hansen’s career demonstrates not just his outstanding academic accomplishments and flying talents, but also his commitment to exploring space and motivating young Canadians to follow their ambitions in the realm of space exploration.

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