Who Is Jade Greenhalgh From ‘Next Level Chef’? Wiki & Age Explore

Jade Greenhalgh is up against Paul Ainsworth, Gordon Ramsay, and American Chef Nyesha Arrington. A Lancashire mum who is a self-taught food blogger who is well-known on Instagram for her culinary hacks, tips, and recipes is putting her skills to the test. Jade Greenhalgh from Burscough is competing on ITV’s Next Level Chef, which is hosted by Michelin-starred Gordon Ramsay and challenges challengers to produce a meal to wow the renownedly finicky chef.

Every week, a chef is fired, and the “losing” teams are sent to the basement kitchen for the following Wednesday’s showing. The ultimate goal is to finish the three-story, 50-foot-tall cooking rooms in the “top kitchen.”

Meet Jade Greenhalgh, Next Level Chef Contestant

There is no Wikipedia article devoted to Jade Greenhalgh. Food writer Jade Greenhalgh is competing on ITV’s Next Level Chef to impress judges Gordon Ramsay, Paul Ainsworth, and American Chef Nyesha Arrington. In the most recent episode three challenge, Jade prepared a wonderful salmon burger on a black bun from scratch in 30 minutes to advance from the “Basement Kitchen” to the “Top Kitchen.” Her hard work paid off as it was chosen as the finest dish by mentor Gordon, fellow judge Paul Ainsworth, and American chef Nyesha Arrington. Jade, along with fellow “Team Ramsay” cooks Toby and Callum, all qualified chefs, progresses to the next round.

Jade Greenhalgh

Jade Greenhalgh Age: What’s Her Age?

Greenhalgh, the chef, is 34 years old. Her birthdate has yet to be revealed, despite the fact that she was born in 1989. In 2006, she graduated from Runshaw College with a degree in Restaurant Hospitality Management. Jade started her work as a Horticulture Lecturer and Course Leader, educating students with learning challenges and problems.

Greenhalgh has almost seven years of experience dealing with students with learning disabilities. She holds degrees and certificates in British Sign Language, hairstyling, information technology, Level 4 public services, and a variety of teaching qualifications. Jade started working as a recipe creator as “Jadebites” in January 2023. She’s putting her abilities to the test on television, aiming to win the American gourmet reality show “Next Level Chef.”

Jade Greenhalgh Family Information

Jade Greenhalgh has yet to provide any information about her relatives. However, since Jade is a mother, it is safe to presume that she is married and has a kid. The general public has no access to information about her family or personal life. Greenhalgh acknowledged her father in an Instagram post, stating that she and her father used to watch Gordon Ramsay together when she was a child.

Jade Greenhalgh

She has also referenced her grandma on social media, referring to her as ‘nana.’ The chef noted that her grandmother had given her a childhood photo of herself and that the conclusion of the program reminded her of that photo. The Cook’s family is seldom known since she has kept her affairs quiet. Celebrities are known to keep their personal lives hidden, so Greenhalgh may have done the same.

Is Jade Greenhalgh active on Instagram?

Jade Greenhalgh has over 78.6K followers on Instagram under the name Jadebites. Jade, whose social media postings highlight the creation of economical and attainable foods, expressed her delight and joy upon finding that her burger had won. She has already released the recipe for her salmon burger on her social media pages, so it will not be seen for the first time by her fans.

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