Who Is Ellen Siirola? Meet Burny Mattinson Wife: Mattinson Family And Death Cause

Burny Mattinson’s wife is Ellen Siirola. With three children and four grandkids, the gifted animator was a family guy. Burny Mattinson died on February 27, 2023, after a brief illness. The animator was 87 at the time.
Martinson worked at Walt Disney Animation Studios as a director, producer, and story artist in addition to being a brilliant animator. The California native was inducted into the Disney Legends program in 2008.

Burny was one of The Walt Disney Company’s longest-serving employees. His tenure with the company lasted over 70 years. The loss of Mattinson has grieved the whole entertainment sector. Burny was a devoted husband and father. In today’s brief segment, we’ll get to meet his family members.

Who is Ellen Siirola wife, Burny Mattinson?

Burny Mattinson leaves behind his wife, Ellen Siirola, three children (including Brett and Genny), and grandkids. Burny’s wife is the source of some contention. While some websites referred to the late animator’s wife as Slyvia Mattinson, others referred to her as Ellen Siirola. Burny Mattionson married Sylvia Mattinson on March 23, 1962, according to his IMDb. Burny and Sylvia welcomed three children. They married until Sylvia Mattinson died on July 16, 1986. Is it possible that the producer has been married twice, with Ellen Siirola being his second wife? So, the solution is ambiguous.

Despite this, the Walt Disney Animation Studios artist seems to have raised a happy family. His children have all grown up and are living on their own. Furthermore, they are parents themselves. Burny Mattinson’s son Brett is married to Kelly and has two children. Likewise, his daughter, Genny, is married to Larry Ellena and has two children. Mattinson’s third child’s name is unknown.

Burny Mattinson

Burny Mattinson Died of an Illness

Burny Mattinson, who had worked at The Walt Disney Animation Studios since 1953, died on February 27, 2023, at 87. On February 28, the Company announced the sad news, emphasizing that he was the longest-serving cast member in the Company’s history. Burny Mattinson died after a brief illness at Canyon Oaks Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Canoga Park, California.

Burny Mattinson Parents

Mattinson was born in San Francisco in 1935 to his parents, Bernie Mattinson, and an unknown mother. His father worked as a jazz drummer. Bernie performed with Horace Heidt’s large band on tour. His mother met his father while working at a theater in San Jose, California. Mattinson’s parents were both of British descent. Burny’s mother brought him to watch Pinocchio (1940) at the Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco before he turned six. While still in school, Mattinson started improving his animation abilities and designing Disney characters. After the Father’s band disbanded in 1945, the family relocated to Los Angeles.

Burny Mattinson

His mother had questioned him about his post-high school job plans. “I might give Disney a shot,” Mattinson said. I’ll go over there to seek for work.” Mattinson was dropped off by his mother at the studio gate, where he handed over his portfolio to the security officer. The guard was so amazed that he immediately phoned the director, Ken Seiling. There were no unfilled positions in the firm’s animation department at the time. Nonetheless, the Company recruited Burny. Johnny Bond was his mentor for six months. He then left the traffic department to serve as an in-betweener on the 1955 film Lady and the Tramp.

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