Who is Elissa Henry, NOIVAS’s Wife? Family Life And Children

NOIVAS is garnering recognition for his exceptional performances on The Voice. Therefore, people are curious about NOIVAS’s wife.

During The Voice season 23’s semi-finals, would you have predicted anything less? However, Team Blake’s NOIVAS may have been the most tear-jerking moment of the evening. As exemplified by his rendition of “I Put A Spell On You” with the Knockouts, the soulful pop singer consistently puts on a show.

However, his semi-final song felt more personal than usual. “Skyfall” by Adele is the song that the former American Idol contestant chose to perform live.

NOIVAS was up to the task of promptly taking on Adele, which posed a formidable challenge. He informs his coach, Blake Shelton, that he is performing in honor of his wife and their infant. This article provides information about The Voice semifinalist NOIVAS’s wife and children.

The Voice: Who is Elissa Henry, NOIVAS’s wife?

Elissa Henry and Savion Wright have been in a relationship for some time. The couple has been together for a significant amount of time and has accumulated a wealth of cherished memories. Elissa is a competent advocate. She is an attorney at Elissa I. Henry Law Firm. Her areas of expertise include family-based immigration, car accidents, and estate planning.

She is a formidable ally who goes above and beyond for her customers. Henry is a graduate of Baylor Law School and New York University. The attorney specializes in probate cases involving pedestrian and automobile accidents and family immigration disputes. Elissa is bilingual and fluent in both English and Spanish.

She attended every meeting with the attorney representing her father, allowing her to witness firsthand the devastation an accident can cause to a person’s mental and physical health.


Isabella and Irys are the daughters of NOIVAS and Elissa

Yes, the couple has two children after seven years of marriage. NOIVAS and Elisa Henry were blessed with two daughters, Isabella and Irys. The age difference between the sisters is one year, one month, and twelve days. Savion and Elissa are committed to concealing their daughter’s identity from the public.

To date, neither parent has posted online photos of their daughter that reveal their identities. The pair only uploads self-portraits with their faces obscured or covered with emoji. Wright and Elissa welcomed their first daughter, Isabella, on July 15, 2021.

The musician uploaded an Instagram photo of his infant daughter grasping his index finger with her small hands. He wrote a tender caption expressing his feelings about fatherhood. On August 27, 2022, the former American Idol contestant announced the couple’s second pregnancy via Instagram. In the semi-finals of The Voice, NOIVAS revealed that the couple’s second pregnancy was not as anticipated as their child’s birth. He informs Blake that his wife nearly perished during the delivery of their second child.

Despite the fact that everything turned out well, he recalls feeling helpless and believes that this song flawlessly captures how he felt at the time. When NOIVAS advances to the semi-final stage, this intensity of emotion becomes evident. NOIVAS stands out due to its soaring melodies in the second half of the composition. Kelly Clarkson, Niall Horan, Chance the Rapper, and his mentor give him the first standing ovation and applause of the evening.


The Difference in Age Between NOIVAS and Elisa: How Old Is NOIVAS’s Wife Elisa?

The advocate Elissa is two years, six months, and twenty days older than the former American Idol contestant Savion. In 2023, Elisabeth will be 33 years old. On August 23, 1989, the conception of the advocate occurred. Wright always recalls posting a message of gratitude on his Instagram account on Elissa’s birthday.

Savion disclosed in the caption of an Instagram photo that he gave Henry a shotgun and birding binoculars for her 31st birthday in 2020. Consistently, the couple celebrates their anniversary on November 2. In 2023, they will commemorate their eighth anniversary.

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