Who Is DJ Speedsta Girlfriend? Relationship Timeline & Net Worth Explore

DJ Speedsta’s girlfriend has been trending on social media because he has a new song for his lover called “Pardon My French.” Lesego Nkaiseng, popularly known as DJ Speedsta, is a Johannesburg-based South African DJ and television personality. His most well-known piece is “Mayo,” a huge hit.

He honed his skills and developed his particular style, gaining him a sizable and dedicated fan following. Speedsta has become one of the most well-known musicians in South Africa. He is well-known for his ability to seamlessly blend many musical genres to produce a thrilling experience for his listeners. DJ Speedsta has also established himself on television and radio. He has presented various successful programs on local television networks, including BET Africa, where he has interviewed some of music’s greatest personalities.

Who Is Oneida Cooper, DJ Speedsta’s Girlfriend? Timeline of a Relationship

Lesego’ DJ Speedsta’ Nkaiseng, a star in the media, has found the one! Earlier today, the DJ turned to social media to wish his longtime girlfriend Oneida Cooper a happy birthday and hinted that she may be the future Mrs. Nkaiseng. Cooper is a former national competitive swimmer and psychotherapist. She has also been in a long-term relationship with famed DJ Lesego “DJ Speedsta” Nkaiseng. Oneida Cooper was a member of the Bishop Bavin Seals and Vineyards club teams, as well as St. Andrews School for Girls, her high school.

In 2010, she was rated nationally in South Africa and had extensive international experience, competing in the Mare Nostrum Series in Spain and France, the Youth Olympics in Singapore, and another invitational competition in Italy. She competed in the Sub-Saharan International in Namibia, the South African Age-Group Nationals, and the South African Open Senior Nationals for South Africa. Cooper is a talented swimmer who excels in a wide range of disciplines.

We think Speedsta and his girlfriend have been together for a long time, long before the DJ entered the profession, and that he is ready to settle down and married. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Nkaiseng, DJ Speedsta captioned images of his lover. According to the photos, she may not have a ring on her finger yet, and the DJ has not verified anything.

DJ Speedsta’s Parents: Who Are They? Early Life & Childhood

Dj Speedsta, Lesedi Nkaiseng, was born on May 4, 1992, in Gauteng’s Vaal Triangle. Mr. and Mrs. Nkaiseng raised Speedsta, the youngest of three children, in the Vaal Triangle. His father was a DJ in college, and his brother also works as a DJ. Before relocating to Johannesburg to follow his dreams, he attended Vaalpark Articon High School in Gauteng’s Vaal Triangle. He was a well-behaved child, but his outspoken attitude caused friction with his parents since he refused to attend private schools and preferred public institutions, which he said matched his vibrant personality.

Speedy subsequently moved to Johannesburg and enrolled at Johannesburg University for a bachelor’s degree in business administration, but left out to pursue his DJ career. His career started after he won the 2008 edition of ‘So you think you can DJ.’ In 2011, he was Djing at a Drake event and had the audience going wild, so he decided to continue Djing professionally and explore music composition.

DJ Speedsta’s Net Worth

DJ Speedsta has a net worth of $5 million. He has multiple sponsorships and small businesses, including a skate shop and a few shops. Speedy is a celebrity who keeps his personal life private and does not show off his money. Little is known about his properties, however, he is supposed to possess a nice property in Johannesburg.

He also bought a huge apartment in the Vaal for his family. Furthermore, DJ Speedsta is only known to possess a BMW M3 and a Mini Cooper. He has also been reported commenting on the Porsche Panamera, the 2018 South African car of the year, but has yet to be seen driving the opulent machine.

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