Who Is Charity Lawson From “The Bachelor” Season 27?

The 27th season of The Bachelor will debut next week. During the forthcoming season of the ABC program, 30 women will compete to capture Zach Shallcross’ heart. He’ll send someone home every week until just one person remains. Charity Lawson, a 26-year-old child and family therapist from Columbus, Georgia, is one of the contenders vying for the Final Rose. Trauma, child development issues, anxiety, veterans, couples, and families are among her professional interests. The Bachelor season 27 will begin on ABC on Monday, January 23, at 8 p.m. ET.

Meet Charity Lawson before she appears on The Bachelor.

Charity Lawson, a child and family therapist from Georgia, is an Auburn University graduate. She received a bachelor’s degree in science, rehabilitation, and disability as well as a master’s degree in education, MEd, and clinical mental health counseling while at university.

Charity Lawson

Charity was highly engaged in different initiatives while at university and was an Eagles Program Volunteer and Mentor, where she assisted in the introduction of a new program for students with intellectual impairments. The Bachelor cast member also helped reduce poverty by volunteering at the Auburn Campus Kitchen, where she contributed to an anti-hunger campaign, recycled meals, and distributed them to people in need.

According to her LinkedIn profile:

“I have a tremendous desire to serve people and am an outspoken proponent of self-care and wellbeing. My objective is to have an influence on someone’s life everywhere I go by insuring and fulfilling good change for mankind, while also connecting and supporting a varied atmosphere that fosters long-lasting interpersonal connections.”

Charity began her work as an inventory lead associate at The Mint Julep Boutique, LLC, followed by internships at Auburn University’s Bravehearts Center for Place and Purpose and as a camp counselor at Full Life Ahead in 2018. The Bachelor season 27 contestant is presently an intern at the Tri-County CAC in Alabama as a child advocacy center therapist.

Charity is eager to find love despite her career success. The mental health professional’s favorite movie is The Notebook, and he dreams of one day moving to Disneyworld. During season 27 of The Bachelor, she believes she and Zach Shallcross are a “great fit on paper.” ABC defines her as a “whole package,” and she expresses her desire for a future partner who is honest, faithful, and shares her principles.

Charity Lawson

It goes on to say:

“It’s simple to understand why Charity is such a good catch! Charity is the whole deal, with a grin that lights up the room, a terrific job, and a nice personality to match! The Georgia beauty interprets her name as a call to love and care for others, and she has formed her life around that goal.”

Aly, Anastasia, Ariel, Bailey, Rebecca “Becca”, Brianna, Brooklyn, Cara, Catherine “Cat”, Christina, Davia, Gabriella “Gabi”, Genevie, Greer, Holland, Jessica “Jess”, Kaitlyn “Kaity”, Katherine, Kimberly, Kylee, Chandralekha “Lekha”, Madison, Mercedes, Olivia L., Olivia M., Sonia, Vanessa, Victoria J., and Viktoria E. The season debut will air on ABC on Monday, January 23 at 8 p.m. ET.

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