Who Is Brooke Mora From “Back in the Groove”?

Back in the Groove, Hulu’s newest dating program will follow three women in their forties as they search for “the one.” Brooke Mora, a personal trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, is expected to feature on it. The 42-year-old, who lives in Los Angeles, comes on the program to meet a younger guy with whom she might fall in love and establish a family. According to the press announcement for the next show:

“Three single women in their 40s will go OUT of their comfort zones and check INTO The Groove Hotel, a magnificent resort on the lovely island of the Dominican Republic —- where the objective is to regain their youth, live blissfully, and maybe find love with guys HALF. THEIR. AGE.”

Back in the Groove will air on Hulu on Monday, December 5th.

Meet Brooke Mora before she appears on Back in the Groove.

Mora is a personal trainer, IFBB Bikini Pro, and fitness model from Los Angeles. Brooke won her first bikini competition in 2009, followed by her IFBB victory less than a year later. The holistic functional fitness expert is a National Academy of Sports Medicine-certified personal trainer who aims to assist people to live healthier lifestyles.

Her motto is:

“I am brave, strong, and powerful.”

In a December 2018 interview with Her Feed, the future Back in the Groove actress discussed her obstacles and tribulations, stating that she has often put too much of herself into relationships. She also mentioned that while caring for her father, who has mental health concerns, she lost sight of her own needs.

Brooke Mora

She continued, saying:

“This is something I’m still working on. It’s critical for me to practice self-care and self-awareness.”

Brooke spoke about conquering her challenges and how she wasn’t putting herself first at the moment. She wasn’t eating well, wasn’t exercising, and was “unhappy.” Brooke saw the need for change and turned to exercise.

She said, ”

“I joined a gym and began exercising more, and I was more conscious of what I ate. I also grew more spiritual, beginning to pray, meditate, and write on a regular basis. I began to hear and pay attention to my own voice.”

The fitness model is due to feature on Back in the Groove and hopes to meet someone with whom she can start a family. Brooke will be one of three ladies who will meet 24 younger guys who are eager to date older women throughout the event. In a promotional video for the performance, she stated:

“I believe it is important to experience all of the flavors.”

Brooke Mora

She went on to say that she came come to find a life mate. The ladies on the program will be able to send those they aren’t interested in packing. Elan Gale, Bill Dixon, Sonya Wilkes, Evan Wilkes, Michael Krupat, John Luscombe, Shannon Stoeke, and Taye Diggs executive produce Back in the Groove. Taye will also act as the show’s host on Hulu.

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