Who Is Brian Dilleen From “Love Without Borders”?

Bravo’s newest program, Love Without Borders, is due to launch in a few days. The soon-to-be-released reality TV dating series will center on five individuals from the United States who put everything on hold and relocate to find true love. Each single from Love Without Borders will go to an undisclosed location outside of the country. They will be partnered with their “ideal life mate” once they reach their location. But there’s a catch.  Their journey will come out of nowhere, and they will have no idea who their companion is. Before they arrive, the five singles will not be permitted to talk to their spouse or even view a single image. According to the official synopsis of Love Without Borders,

“Love Without Borders follows five Americans, Aaron Motacek, Danna Richards, Philip Michael Thomas Jr., Naeem Thompson, and Gurleen Virk, as they risk everything for love.”

Danna Richards is one solitary person who would uproot their life in pursuit of love. Brian Dilleen, who is from Oranmore in the Republic of Ireland, is her ideal match. Arica Angelo, a relationship guru, paired them. Bravo will premiere Love Without Borders on November 30 at 8 p.m. ET.

Brian Dilleen of Love Without Borders owns Mad Yolk Farms, which specializes in regenerative farming.

Danna Richards is a fantastic fit for Brian Dilleen. According to his Instagram page, he is a farmer that specializes in regenerative farming and pasture-reared eggs. He is the owner of Mad Yolk Farms, an ethical farm that does not employ any digging practices that hurt the ecosystem or soil. Brian offers eggs from his own flock of chickens, according to Oranmore’s Vendors & Stalls webpage. In Rosshil Road, Roscam, he also produces vegetables, salads, and herbs. “Brian is the Mad Yolk Egg Man, he gathers the eggs and dances with the hens every single day,” according to the website.

Brian Dilleen

The Love Without Borders actor has over 3,000 Instagram followers and often writes about his work. He shares photos and videos of his farm’s chicks and his Mad Yolk business. He also posts photos from his farm of the veggies and herbs he raises. Galwat City Council rejected the Mad Yolk Site in June 2021. A local news site, Connacht Tribune, published an item stating that the local administration declined to give Brian retaining permission.

The City Hall Planning Department said,

“If authorized, the proposed construction will assist the use of the property for the supply of sixty 15.5m high seed beds, which the planning authority has determined are not exempted development.”

Brian Dilleen

It went on:

“As a result, granting authorization for the proposed building will allow unlawful development and use on the site, which would be adverse to effective planning and long-term development of the region.”

Will Biran be Danna’s lifelong companion? Viewers will have to wait and see when the new Bravo series begins.

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