Who Is Bradley Carter From “Southern Hospitality”?

Southern Hospitality on Bravo is centered on Southern Charm star Leva Bonaparte. The brand-new reality TV series is due to launch in just a few days. The series trailer was unveiled at BravoCon, which took place in October 2022. Viewers have been waiting for the show’s release since the sneak preview.

Southern Hospitality cast members will surely experience excess drama as they attempt to handle their own concerns and relationships. Bradley Carter is one of the cast members. Bradley attended Citadel Military College on a football scholarship and spent two years getting in shape. He wants to start his own personal training business.

Southern Hospitality’s official summary is as follows:

“Southern Charm resident boss-lady Leva Bonaparte supervises Charleston’s very own “it” crowd, otherwise known as her larger-than-life crew at Republic Garden & Lounge. Leva and her husband, Lamar, operate four restaurants on the city’s famed King Street, but Republic is their crown gem.”

With just a few weeks before the launch of Southern Hospitality on Bravo, here’s everything you need to know about Bradley Carter before the pilot episode airs.

Bradley Carter of Southern Hospitality works as a VIP host in Republic.

Bradley presently lives in Citadel, South Carolina, and his Bravo bio states,

“Bradley works as a VIP host at Republic, where he earns the majority of his money and meets the majority of his dates. He’s not ashamed to exploit his good looks to get business, meet females, and attract consumers into Republic.”

Bradley Carter

The Southern Hospitality star has two Instagram profiles, one for personal and one for commercial pursuits. Over 3900 people follow his personal account. He has also tagged highlights of his fitness blogs and excursions. Bradley also shares a lot of photos from his workouts and with his pals. It’s also clear from his Instagram photos that he loves animals. He has close to eight followers on his professional Instagram account. He stated as a personal trainer and health coach on his profile. He has highlighted his clientele as well as extra fitness ideas. Body by Brad is his personal page, which includes photographs and videos from his exercises as well as motivational films.

Bradley Carter


Bradley has several occupations in addition to his position at Republic. He was born and reared in the south, in the South Carolina neighborhood of Blythewood. He studied business administration at UG at Citadel Military College. Bradley meets most of his dates while working, despite the fact that he hasn’t revealed much about his personal life on social media. Other cast members making their debuts in Southern Hospitality include Maddi Reese, Joe Bradley, Will Kulp, Mikel Simmons, Emmy Sharrett, Grace Lilly, TJ Dinch, Mia Alario, and Luca Pea. Cast members will be seen working at Leva’s restaurant throughout the series. While working, the cast members will have to deal with interpersonal issues, dialogues, and much more.

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