Who Is Blayre Wright From “Halloween Baking Championship” Season 8?

Blayre Wright, a proprietor of the Manheim-based wedding cake shop Flouretta Sweet, is slated to feature in Season 8 of Halloween Baking Championship. She will battle against 11 other contenders for the title and a cash reward of $25,000. The eight-episode series will be set in a haunted hotel and will launch on Food Network on September 12, 2022, at 9.00 p.m. ET. Blayre Wright, according to her LinkedIn page, is the designer of ‘Whimsically Modern & Uniquely Hand-Crafted Wedding Cakes, Occasion Cakes, and Sweet Treats.’ Her abilities will be judged by Stephanie Boswell, Carla Hall, and Zac Young. The winner will not only get the monetary prize but will also receive a vacation to the ten most haunted hotels in America.

According to the show’s official synopsis:

“On this season of HALLOWEEN BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP, host John Henson is the caretaker of a haunted hotel and will welcome the competitors for an eight-week stay, unless their baked goods fail to impress the judges, in which case they will have to “check out” and take the elevator to the mysterious 13th floor from which guests never return.”

Blayre Wright has had a variety of culinary baking experiences.

Blayre began as an intern in 2010, and the following year was promoted to Assistant Cake Decorator at The Flour Child Bakery. She was also the Resident Assistant at The Lodges – The Culinary Institute of America during the time, where she arranged events and activities, among other things. From 2011 to 2012, she used her culinary baking expertise as the Copy Editor & Contributor at La Papillote Newspaper, where she covered various culinary events and contributed to authoring food pieces. The competitor also acquired experience as the Bakery Supervisor at Hilton Worldwide the following year, preparing bakery orders and deciding on dessert menus for the restaurant.

Blayre Wright


Blayre worked as a Cake Manager and Cake Decorator for three years before becoming the Assistant Pastry Chef at Tatte Bakery and Cafe in 2015. From 2017 to 2018, she worked as the Lead Cake Designer at The Master’s Baker after spending six months as the Production Assistant/Retail Associate at Eclat Chocolate.

She was in charge of decorating between 20 and 40 wedding cakes every weekend, including sculpted fondant masterpieces. She also created unique cake design drawings for customers depending on factors such as guest numbers, wedding style, and theme, among others. She has owned Flouretta Sweet, which specializes in bespoke wedding and special occasion cakes, as well as small treats, since 2011. Blayre is described as follows in the Halloween Baking Championship:

“Blayre is a pastry maker renowned for her Halloween-themed wedding cakes, and she operates a shop named after her two grandmothers, Flora and Loretta, for whom she aspires to win.”

Blayre Wright

The baker announced her involvement on Instagram, writing:

“I am BEYOND pleased and happy to represent my city of Lancaster, PA, as well as my company and Alma Mater…I grew up watching The Food Network with my Grandmother Loretta- this moment has enabled me to achieve a lifetime ambition.”

Justin Dominguez, Marcus Brackett, Jill Davis, AJ DeDiego, Kristi Descher, Lola Forbes, Margarita Garcia, Alexey Ivanov, Zac Mercer, Maricsa Trejo, and Lauren Rogers are among the other competitors in the Halloween Bakery Championship. Discovery+ will also broadcast the Halloween Baking Championship.

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