Who Is Ashley Tamuno From “Written In The Stars” 2022?

Written in the Stars 2022 will feature 12 individuals who will take part in a social experiment based on astrology to help them find love. Ashley Tamuno is one of the 12 candidates who will leave it up to destiny and the show’s astrologers. Ashley, who prefers the pronouns he/they, is a Crumb Agency model and a fashion student.

They are originally from London and grew up using fashion as an escape from reality. They did, however, feel underrepresented as a gay person of color. They want to disrupt the binary with their clothing. Eleven other individuals seeking love will join them in the program.

The official summary of the program from Discovery is as follows:

“Written in the Stars is a hot new reality/dating show that puts the love lives of participants in the hands of the world’s greatest astrologers. In this daring social experiment, 12 single strangers, each representing one of the 12 zodiac signs, gather at a mystery home in Greece to discover they have been paired with someone in the group.”

Ashley Tamuno is on their journey to finding love On Written in the Stars.

Ashley Tamuno, also known as Ashley Charles Burr, studied fashion design at the University for the Creative Arts. They also attended London’s University of the Arts. The future Written in the Stars candidate is still on their journey to become a designer, but they have already created a reputation for themselves in the fashion business as a model and are presently represented by Crumb agency. According to their profile on the agency’s website, they’ve previously worked as a performer in LGBT nightlife, organized events, and participated in live presentations. They’ve also worked with companies including BOSS, More Joy, Sandra Lee MD Skincare, and Estrid.

Ashley Tamuno

They found an escape in fashion as children, but they were conscious of the underrepresentation of LGBT people of color. Some of their earliest recollections involve watching princess movies and falling in love with their clothes. Modeling wasn’t in their plans; although they had always wanted to attempt it, they didn’t believe they’d be good at it.

In an interview with Noctis Magazine, they stated:

“I recall thinking it was a prank when I filled out a form. That was two years ago, and I couldn’t have predicted how much my confidence would grow in that time.”

According to the Written in the Stars participant, the rigors of working in the creative area brought a sense of satisfaction. While they sometimes feel as if the restrictions are designed to maintain the business “pristine and untouchable,” they want to break through them.

They said:

“I’m not doing it as a kind of political protest; I’m doing it for myself.”

Ashley Tamuno

Ashley is interested in how the notion of power is represented in gendered design, hence she concentrates on womenswear, with the goal of challenging the concept of gender and the binary. They also mentioned that they plan to construct a biosphere in which to produce. They believe that fashion not only reflects and impacts politics but also the environment. They aim to make sure that their designs operate within real-world limits while pushing the envelope. They said in the Written in the Stars trailer that they have tried all of the applications, and the video also teases a possible match, although it seems to be a bit complex. Discover what happens when the program launches on Discovery+ on Sunday, November 27.

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