Who Is Anna-May Robey From “Love Island” 2023?

Anna-May Robey will be in Love Island’s winter season, which premieres on Monday, January 16, 2023. The 20-year-old is from Swansea, Wales, and she describes herself as sociable and searching for someone who can make her laugh. Anna-May Robey will participate with nine other “islanders” who will pair up to compete with other participants to form relationships and find love. This season also marks the debut of the show’s new host, prominent TV and radio broadcaster Maya Jama, who replaces former Love Island anchor Laura Whitmore.

Anna-May Robey, a 20-year-old payroll administrator from Loe Island, enjoys chatting.

Anna-May Robey, a payroll administrator from Swansea, characterizes herself as an effervescent chatterbox. She resembles Gemma Owen, a Love Island contestant who made it all the way to the final in season eight. The latter finished second with a 23-year-old partner, Luca Bish aka the fisherman. The two, however, split ways in November 2022.

According to The Sun, Anna-May Robey has drawn the attention of the fishermen. It will be fascinating to observe what happens with this intriguing development in the near future. She explained her decision to go on the program by saying that her mother has been “bugging” her to find a partner for some time. Robey said that she is thrilled to try something new and that she believes the program will help her find someone. The 20-year-old wants to add some fun to the villa and says she would jump in a pool if asked since she is always up for a joke. She went on to say:

“I’ll energize the villa and get everyone involved in games. Furthermore, I’m not afraid to block people; if I appreciate someone, I’ll tell them.”

Anna-May Robey


Anna-May Robey has claimed she is lots of energy and is “always running around singing and yelling”. Anna says her parents often tell her to quiet up while discussing what her family thinks about her exuberant personality. She claims that since she works from home all day, she only sees people in person two or three days a week. As a result, she says:

“When my father gets home, he’ll want to rest and relax, and I’ll be there gnawing his ear off! I would categorize myself as a chatterbox.”

Anna-May Robey described a previous date that she would not seek to recreate. She said that she and her date went out to eat and split a bottle of wine. However, her date fell asleep while she was chatting with him, and Anna-May had to clink his wine glass to persuade him to wake up. What gives Anna-May the “ick” is that she dislikes those who boast or are materialistic.

Anna May Robey will appear on Love Island with nine other ‘islanders.’

This year’s Love Island singletons will move into a completely new mansion in South Africa. The lovely property is located in the Franschhoek Winelands, near to Cape Town. Candidates on Love Island are in for a crazy ride, particularly now that they are not allowed to use their social media accounts while on the program. However, the makers of the program introduced a fresh twist before the show’s broadcast.

Anna-May Robey

For the first time in the show’s history, fans will be able to vote on who will be the first bombshell to enter the villa. Ellie, a business professional, and Tom, a footballer from Barnsley, are the two new bombshells scheduled to arrive. Voting is accessible via the Love Island app and will stop on Friday, January 13 at 9 p.m., with the bombshell with the most votes being permitted to join the villa.

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