Who is Angela Victoria Johnson? Know About Her Relationship With Kyle Chrisley

Angela Victoria Johnson—this name came up and made headlines when people were wondering who was the mother of Kyle Chrisley’s daughter, Chloe.

Kyle was discovered to have fathered a child with a mysterious lady in 2012, and the woman’s name was later revealed. Angela Victoria Johnson was born in Iva, South Carolina.

Kyle Chrisley And Angela’s Relationship

Angela Victoria Johnson lives in Iva, South Carolina. This is more than two hours away from Kyle Chrisley’s home with his family. Nobody, including Kyle and Angela, has revealed how the couple met.

Angela declares her relationship status on Facebook to be single. Chloe, her daughter with Kyle, was about a year old when she made her television debut in March. She temporarily moved in with the Chrisley family in Atlanta at the time.

Angela Victoria Johnson daughter
Angela Victoria Johnson daughter

Kyle Chrisley’s Family And Professional life

Kyle Chrisley is the eldest son of Todd Chrisley, a reality TV star. Chrisley Knows Best is Todd Chrisley’s own television show.

He is a millionaire with excellent financial management skills. But we can’t say the same about his children. He has five children, but he struggles with parenting.

Kyle is his eldest child, and he rose to prominence after appearing on Chrisley Knows Best with his family. This show debuted in 2014 and follows the life of Todd and his family.

Kyle, 28, was addicted to drugs and was in rehab. He was caught with a married woman and sentenced to charity work in Asia. Later, it was revealed that he is the father of a daughter named Chloe, whom he fathered in 2012. Angela Victoria Johnson was said to be the child’s mother.

The Appearance of Angela Victoria Johnson on the show

Angela’s name did not appear on the show. As a result, no one knew who Chloe’s mother was. They knew she was Kyle’s daughter but weren’t sure who she was.

Angela, on the other hand, continued to post about her daughter on Facebook. In one of the posts, she mentions missing her daughter and being concerned that Chloe would be filmed. Kyle, Chloe’s biological father, kissed and cuddled her in one of the episodes. He appeared to be a devoted father.

Kyle had also stated on that episode of the show that he had had enough of fooling around for many years. But now, his daughter Chloe had assisted him in overcoming adversity in his life. She has shifted his life into high gear.

Kyle had stated:

“I’m in love with her… I know exactly what I need to do. “I’m just relieved to have Chloe back.”

Angela Victoria Johnson is being sued for defamation.

The Chrisley family filed a legitimate lawsuit against Angela on October 7, 2013, when Chloe was one year old. Kyle was then granted visitation rights as well as child support responsibilities. Chloe was able to join the show as a result of this. Kyle spends the majority of his time with his grandmother.

Chloe Chrisley’s Short Bio

Chloe Chrisley is well-known for being the daughter of Kyla Chrisley, an American television reality star, and his girlfriend Angela Johnson.

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