Who Is Andrew Y. Liu From “Love Is Blind” Season 3?

Love is Blind returns for another season, with competitors falling in love without ever meeting. The program will return on Wednesday, October 19, 2022, with Nick and Vanessa Lachey hosting yet another episode.  Andrew Y. Liu, a wildlife photographer whose greatest pet hate is people who rely on others to solve their issues, is one of the 30 people looking for love.

The show’s synopsis is as follows:

“Get your gold goblets ready: Love Is Blind returns for Season 3 on October 19. The dating experiment’s hosts, Nick and Vanessa Lachey, return for the next episode, which will expose viewers to people eager to date — and even get engaged — eye unseen.”

Season 3 of Love is Blind – Andrew Y. Lui used to be a management consultant.

As a teenager, the 30-year-old wildlife photographer dreamt of becoming an astronaut, attracted by the possibility of exploring “the unknown and the strange.” Lui was a member of the Delta Sigma Pi Professional Fraternity and attended the Texas McCombs School of Business. His next visit was the University of Texas – The Cockrell School of Engineering, where he was a member of the Longhorn Rocket Association and the Engineering Honors Program.

During his undergraduate years, the Love is Blind cast member compulsively connected success with money and prestige, prompting him to add a second major to his curriculum. He was recruited as a management consultant at the age of 22 because of his supplementary business degree. Something was wrong on a deeper level, despite his jet-setting lifestyle.

Andrew Y. Liu

While residing in New York, Andrew found his interest in photography and actively sought out like-minded adventurers. According to his website profile, he took a five-year vacation to find out what was lacking in his work. It went on to say:

“I traveled to South Africa and met Samuel Cox, who introduced me to the beauties of the natural world and taught me the skill of wildlife photography.”

The photographer opted to pursue photography full-time during Covid-19 and started traveling when travel restrictions were lifted.

In 2020, he started working as a photography teacher for a.curious.ape, where he collected almost $18,000 to support the preservation of African national parks. Andrew’s photography work has garnered him various accolades, including The Greatest Maasai Mara Photographer of the Year 2021, 2022, Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year 2021, The Chromatic Awards 2020, and many more.

Andrew Y. Liu

According to his Love is Blind profile, his greatest pet hate is dating someone who depends on others to solve their issues. It went on to state that he wishes to establish a relationship like his pals Rey and Crystal, and that perseverance is the key to his success. Dakota, Dale, DaVonté, Jessica, Julian, Kalekia, Kimberlee, Loren, Matt, Nancy, Raven, Nash, Sikiru, Simmer, Tony, Valerie, Zach, and Zanab are among the other Love is Blind Season 3 candidates. Colleen, Cole, Chelsey, Charita, Brennon, Brannigan, Bartise, Ashley, Anthony, Andrew, Amanda, and Alexa will join them.

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