Who Is Amber Wise From “Love Island” Season 10?

Amber Wise, the daughter of former Premier League player Dennis Wise, is about to rock the Love Island house. In Love Island season 10, the 19-year-old student is hoping to discover the love of her life. Fans are in for a surprise, as Casa Amor is poised to return with six bombshells, one of them is Amber, entering the main villa. Amber Wise’s father, ex-footballer Dennis Wise, has previously been on reality television. Amber, who is presently studying visual communication, has 12.9k Instagram followers.

Molly Marsh was sent packing when the surprise bombshell Kady McDermott snatched away her love interest, Zachariah Noble, on Love Island season 10, which began on June 5. Love Island provided a sneak look at the last episode on June 30, revealing that Casa Amor is making a return, and with it, six new bombshells and six new males will join the existing gang.

Amber Wise is a University of the Arts London student.

According to a source, Amber Wise, who is presently studying visual communication at the University of the Arts London, is known for her low-key and laid-back nature. She has also previously represented the Surrey Storm U15 squad in netball. Despite her calm attitude, the insider noted, she is determined not to accept any “nonsense.”

Amber Wise

Amber has a special relationship with her father, who totally supports her choice to participate in the competition. She is said to be yearning for true love and wants to make her father pleased. Dennis Wise, like Amber, is no stranger to reality TV cameras, having previously been on ITV’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here in 2017. He was one of the last people to leave the program. Amber Wise is the latest in a long line of Love Island competitors with celebrity parents. In past seasons, audiences saw Cooper Keating, Ronan Keating’s son, and Gemma Owen, Michael Owen’s daughter, make their mark on the program.

How was the Casa Amor teased on Love Island?

In the previous episode, the one and only Ne-Yo surprised the Love Islanders with a lovely surprise performance. The ladies were asked to take advantage of the opportunity to snap a photo with the renowned vocalist. After snapping a group photo, Ne-Yo led them to a Casa VIP minivan, which was ready to transfer them to Casa Amor.

Amber Wise

Just as the lads were figuring out where the ladies had gone, the program ended in classic Love Island fashion, with a quick slow-motion montage of Casa Amor bombshells. Amber Wise was one of them.

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