Who Is Alissa Humber “Below Deck” Season 10?

Season 10 of Below Deck will debut on Bravo on Monday, November 21, 2022, at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Alissa Humber, a Florida native, will join the superyacht St. David as a stew in the first episode. She’ll be collaborating with stew Hayley De Sola Pinto and deck/stew Camille Lamb. The reality show follows a group of young individuals who work and live onboard yachts while ensuring that all of their charter guests’ needs are satisfied.

Season 10’s summary is as follows:

“Beginning Monday, Nov. 21, Captain Lee Rosbach, Chef Rachel Hargrove, and Chief Stew Fraser Olender will lead the way aboard motor boat St. David in the Caribbean.” New crew members include Bosun Ross McHarg, Stews Hayley De Sola Pinto, and Alissa Humber, Deck/Stew Camille Lamb, and Deckhands Tony Duarte, Katie Glaser, and Ben Willoughby.”

In the forthcoming season, several veteran crew members will return to the ship with new crew members, one of them being Alissa Humber.

Alissa Humber of Below Deck began boating two years ago.

The Below Deck’s Alissa Humber was born and raised in Florida, but she now calls Miami home. She became interested in sailing a little over two years ago. Alissa enjoys spending her time as a stew on transient boat jobs. She is presently serving as a stew on St. David. She even takes care in satisfying the charter passengers, ensuring that everyone has a pleasant time aboard.

Alissa is greeted aboard the boat by Chief Stew Fraser Olender in a video uploaded on her Instagram. She admits there that she has been in the profession for more than a year. She also claims to have previously worked as a “second stew,” which required “a lot of housework.”

Alissa Humber

When Fraser asks whether she loves serving, she immediately says yes, before adding:

“And the visitors seem to like me for some reason.”

Later, aboard the boat, she informs the camera that her ultimate objective is to “earn as much f*cking money as possible.” She even claims that her goal is to:

“Meet as many high-end individuals as possible.” Mooch off of them and go about your business.”

When a quarrel arises between Alissa and another woman, emotions grow across the yacht’s crew. Alissa enjoys shopping and spending time in nature during the off-season. She also likes kayaking and hiking in Florida.

Below Deck first aired in 2013.

On July 1, 2013, Bravo debuted the reality television series. Below Deck Down Under, Below Deck Mediterranean, Below Deck Sailing Yacht, and Below Deck Adventure are all spin-offs from the original series. After the trailer for Season 10 was published, many were concerned that Captain Lee might leave the show. Fans were dubious when Captain Lee was shown in the teaser delivering major news to his sailors.

Alissa Humber

Captain Lee clarified that he will not be retiring anytime soon. He said to E! News:

“Retirement, in my opinion, is vastly overrated. You can only go fishing so many times, and you can only play golf so many times. I believe that individuals must remain productive; else, they may as well start digging.”

Adding to that:

“I’m still having a good time. Every season is something I look forward to. I’ve always stated that when it stops being enjoyable or everyone gets tired of staring at me, I’ll go away. But I don’t see myself moving anyplace until one of those two things happens.”

On Monday, catch the latest episode of Below Deck on Bravo. The programs are also available the next day on Peacock.

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