Who Is Alexa Alfia From “Love Is Blind” Season 3?

Season 3 of Love is Blind will feature 30 eager people seeking for love. These folks are eager to take part in a social experiment that has helped so many others find love. The Netflix dating program will allow these people to interact without having to worry about the superficial components of romance.

Tudum, a Netflix employee, had this to say about the show:

“Get your gold goblets ready: Love Is Blind returns for Season 3 on October 19. The dating experiment’s hosts, Nick and Vanessa Lachey, return for the next episode, which will expose viewers to people eager to date — and even get engaged — eye unseen.”

Season 3’s roster features Alexa Alfia, a 27-year-old Insurance Agency owner who idolizes famous pair Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. She hopes to meet someone like that on Love is Blind, and by the looks of it, she does. The show’s teaser shows her going down the aisle.

Alexa Alfia from Season 3 of Love is Blind operates an insurance agency.

Love is deafening. Season 3’s roster is varied, and one of those expected to join the Season 3 Podsquad is 27-year-old Insurance Agency Owner Alexa Alfia. She is from Dallas and has been operating her own business for little more than five years. Her Tudum profile said that she is obstinate, something she has been working on for the past couple of years. Alexa dislikes several features of new age dating, such as ghosting and the “pen buddy” fad. She aspires to discover love while avoiding the “superficial” on her Love is Blind trip.

The bio also stated:

“Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are the famous pair I’d model my relationship after.”

Alexa Alfia

While there isn’t much information on the new Love is Blind cast member, she has about 2000 Instagram followers and is active on the site. The dog enthusiast has a highlight devoted to her dog Loki, which she loves. Tito is the name of her second dog, who often appears on her gram.

Alexa often tweets about her family, particularly her young children. Emma, who the star of the film once described as the “best part” of her day, is one of the children who often graces the audience with her presence. The emerging reality star is an ardent traveler who often blogs about her adventures. She has traveled to Scottsdale, Cabo, Israel, Mexico, and other locations.

She said in the trailer for Love is Blind that she is a highly confident girl who needs someone who knows that. She seems to have found that someone since she is seen going towards a guy who exclaims, “We’re engaged!” Dakota, Dale, DaVonté, Jessica, Julian, Kalekia, Kimberlee, Loren, Matt, Nancy, Raven, Nash, Sikiru, Simmer, Tony, Valerie, Zach, and Zanab will also participate in Love is Blind Season 3. Colleen, Cole, Chelsey, Charita, Brennon, Brannigan, Bartise, Ashley, Anthony, Andrew, and Amanda will join them.

What happened in the previous season of Love is Blind

On the previous season of the dating program, several couples were created. Many couples, however, fell out of love as fast as they fell in love. They’ve even discovered love with cast members with whom they had previously had no connection. Deepti and Kyle, for example, fell in love after Season 2 finished but have since broken up. Deepti and Shake, Sal and Mallory, Natalie and Shayne, and Kyle and Shaina are some of the other couples that have fallen in and out of love as shown on After the Altar.

Alexa Alfia

Only two couples from the previous season, Danielle, Nick, and Iyanna and Jarrette, were married; however, both couples divorced early this year. Watch the current season of the Netflix dating program to find out what happens.

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