Who Is Akio Ross From “Back in the Groove” Season 1?

Akio Ross, a Miami native, is ready to participate on Back in the Groove to find love. On the program, he will compete against 23 other men to win the hearts of three single women in their forties. The program, which will be presented by actor Taye Diggs, will premiere on Hulu on Monday, December 5, 2022, at 12:01 a.m. ET. In the eight-episode series, three single ladies, Sparkle, 43, Steph, 41, and Brooke, 42, will arrive to The Groove Hotel, a Dominican Republic resort where 24 young guys are ready to date, woo, and help them reclaim their mojo.

Akio Ross, a Back in the Groove participant, is a musician.

Akio “The Fatha” Ross, a Miami native, is a musician who believes in the power of Soca music. Many consider him a Soca and Caribbean cultural historian. According to the interview on Shoutout Miami, he published his first professional song in 2017. He also has a Doctorate in Occupational Therapy. He graduated from Florida International University with a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communication, General, and a B.A. in Communication and Media Studies.

Akio Ross

According to his LinkedIn page, he will also get his doctorate in Occupational Therapy/Therapist from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences in 2021. From June 2012 until February 2016, he worked as an assistant manager at Hi Teck Auto Body & Repair Ctr while pursuing his bachelor’s degree. In December of the same year, Akio established his own firm, Carib-Unity LLC. He is also the company’s president and CEO. He is currently taking part in Back in the Groove in the hopes of meeting his love on the dating program.

One of the Back in the Groove participants is dealing with motherhood concerns.

Hunter, 26, from Tuscon, Arizona, is one of the young and eager males ready to court the unmarried girls. He has “serious mommy problems.” In one of the videos, Hunter is seen wearing a Cougars shirt and presenting himself to Brooke, a 42-year-old personal trainer from Los Angeles.

“I’ve always been drawn to older ladies because I have serious mommy problems.”

Brooke is taken aback by the news, but Hunter feels he made a strong first impression since he later tells the men that his introduction to Brooke was “solid.”

While the males are meeting the girls and opening up about themselves, Steven, 22, feels anxious because he is keeping something important from everyone. He confesses in the confessional:

“I came in here with a major secret. It’s strange to conceal a secret from the boys. They are completely unaware of who I am.”

Akio Ross

Later in the tape, he admits that one of the three single woman on the program is his “mom.” Elan Gale, Bill Dixon, Sonya Wilkes, Evan Wilkes, Michael Krupat, John Luscombe, Shannon Stoeke, and Taye Diggs executive produce Back in the Groove. Walt Disney Television Alternative and Beyond Media Rights Ltd. produce the program. This is the first Hulu original produced by Walt Disney Television Alternative. Back in the Groove will be available on Hulu on Monday. Every night until December 8, two new episodes of the reality dating program will be released. The episodes will also be accessible on Hulu’s mobile app and online at hulu.com/series/back-in-the-groove.

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